True wealth

True wealth

Not one or two, but most of us are engaged only in piling up the material wealth, assuming it to be the source of happiness. But rare are those beings who have come to realize the truth and have truly searched for the true wealth, the wealth of inner contentment, peace, and fulfillment.

Siddhartha, who later became known as Buddha, came to understand the reality of the material wealth in his early youth. He made up his mind to go to the forest in search of true happiness, leaving behind his magnificent palace, all the luxuries, his beautiful wife and his infant son. Around midnight, he asked his charioteer by the name Chann to pull out the chariot and requested him to drop him at the outskirts of the state.

They both drove and when Siddhartha stepped down from the chariot and asked Chann to leave, Chann started crying.

He said, ‘Prince, what are you doing? You are going to leave all this wealth and opulence. You are making a big mistake. I am just a servant. Little mouth and big talk! But somehow my heart is not agreeing without telling. And that is why I am saying this. I am guilty of giving suggestion to the master, but please use your mind. Why are you leaving all this wealth, eminence and family?’

Siddhartha said, ‘My dear Chann! You saw these treasures full of gold and diamond from a distance, but I was the owner. I have seen them from close. You have seen this royal eminence from afar, but I have seen it from up close. You are only a charioteer, but I am the owner of this chariot. 

I have experienced that this is not the real wealth. I have seen it from very close.’

Siddhartha continued: ‘True wealth is that which gives strength, peace and happiness. True wealth is that which satisfies your desires and makes you desire-less. But this wealth is only an obstacle for me. I am not getting inner peace from such wealth and it makes me yearn for more. Your preaching is alright, but these are as per your limited perception. In reality, your teachings don’t hold any water.’ And then Siddhartha continued with his journey of finding the true wealth, the wealth of Self realization.

True wealth