Generally, 6 types of leaders are found in different spheres of life. The main kinds of leaders are as follow:

Formal leader: A formal leader is selected by the organization. E.g. In the ordination, a manager is a formal leader by virtue of the authority coming from the organization. A manager influences others to help accomplish the goals of the organization. Such Leadership lasts over a long time.

Informal Leader: An informal leader is chosen by the group. Thus all managers are leaders if their authority is accepted, but not all leaders are managers. Informal Leadership is leadership without position and may shift from one person to another. It may last for a short time. Most people are leaders at one time or the other and they may have influence on others as defined by the concept of leadership itself.

Democratic Leader: Democratic leader is one of who perform according to the wishes of his followers. He performs what his followers or majority wants. Democratic Leader is concerned with the interest of followers and subordinates, majority.

Intellectual Leader: In the organization, intellectual leaders are those who win the confidence of their followers by their superior knowledge. In most of the organizations, there are a few experts whose advice is Sought on all matters is which they are experts. An intellectual Leader may be a product expert, a marketing expert or a purchase expert. 

Autocratic Leader: An autocratic leader is one who dominates and drives his followers through coercion. An autocratic leader Loves power and loves to use it in promoting his own ends. 
Creative Leader: A Creative leader controls through united and voluntary activities by the members of his group directed by him towards specific goals which are satisfactory to all. A creative leader draw Out the best in his followers without exerting an undue personal influence on the peoples.


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