Bollywood actress [ katrina kaif Social contribution ] or done charitable responsibilities for humanity

Bollywood  actress [ Katrina Kaif Social contribution ] or done charitable responsibilities for humanity 

Being a celebrity means inspiring people and having plenty of social responsibilities towards their fans and people. There are Bollywood actors and celebrities who have been involved in charitable activities for a long time. This makes us believe in Humanity as we get to witness it through these stars. So here’s a list of the most generous actors in Bollywood who have done charitable work.

Image of katrina kaif
Image of katrina kaif

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif has been vocal about the right to education and has often shared her thoughts for increased access to good education for underprivileged children. Extending her support to a school in Tamil Nadu, the actress shared a video on Instagram and spoke lengths about the school that was built by her mother and her charity. Apart from the video, the actress also informed that since the time the school was built, it has been working to provide quality English-medium education to lesser privileged children.

Katrina Kaif while maintaining a low-key about her charitable side is silently doing her bit to support girl child’s education.As per reports, Katrina has been donating a chunk of her earnings to a school in Tamil Nadu

But finally it was decided that Hindi numbers in her voice would create more buzz.

Katrina has revealed that she will donate Rs 50 lakh by this year-end to her mom's Mercy Home Charity.

But still, a lot more needs to be done. Reportedly, she has already got a music label to support her plans.

Katrina has been actively involved with her mother's charity. All the cheques from her appearances on shows such as 10 Ka Dum and Kaun Banega Crorepati 3 have gone to Suzanne's orphanage, besides buying ambulances. Reports are rife that Katrina is going all out to support her mother as she attempts to open a toddler's wing next to the Mercy Home in Chennai.

Salman’s recent interview, amidst his relation to the context that celebrities too believe in charities, the actor surprisingly named Katrina as one of them! In fact, having said this, he further added that Katrina has lately also donated Rs 1crore for Being Human Foundation! Whoa…now that’s something big?

In intial days Salman khan helps katrina kaif to debut in bollywood movie and helps katrina kaif a lots in her carrier after that rumors start flying between slaman and katrina relationship but both couples are never excepted as officially their relationship openly to media .

Rumors are also about katrina and Ranveer kapoor one pic viral on the internet in which katrina kaif is wearning bikini on the beach both are enjoying after that katrina never work with ranveer after this incident But currently both are married Katrina kaif and Vicky kaushal and Ranveer kapoor and Alia bhatt .

But in real life katrina have big heart towards humanity and social contribution .this page is full of katrina kaif donation and about social work which she have done till now .

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