उद्यमी दुनिया को बदल सकते हैं |Entrepreneurs can change the world

                       Entrepreneurs can change the world,USA

Hii, Gentleman

Today I'm here to share an own view on  How Entrepreneurs can change the world? 

Many times you heard the word Entrepreneurs, you may also search on a search engine like as google, yahoo, bing etc I hope you got many different answers from different websites or blog  ...Sometimes you got satisfy n sometimes may not be, sometimes get confused  with different answer 

But one thing you know what is the origin of this word? (Entrepreneurs)
Ans-Entrepreneurs  word is a loanword from French  and it is first started in the 17th century in
First used in 1723.

I think you got your answer now I know you have the 2nd question in your mind

What is Entrepreneurship ?(meaning of entrepreneurship)

At first, I want to give you some example  by help of this video


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                                                    4.   2018 success stories

                                5.   2018 online short stories

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