उद्यमिता शुरू करने से शुरू (आयु और एलेक्स) |Entrepreneurship start from taking Initialize(ayush and alex)

                                Entrepreneurship start from taking Initialize

Entrepreneurship start from taking Initialize
Entrepreneurship start from taking Initialize

when you start something that is called as intialization
BUt when you start your passion for exucation in your  field that is called your success

Every Individual has own goal own priority but one thing is uncommon in every individual that is " thinking" and both thinking and mindset is coming from your habit, your continuity in your work.
for your starting of anything is coming from your mindset and your belief system .and it is true.
Your Every word and thought is connected each other so, thought and mindset is really important  

you all

starting from In my story I want to introduce two characters in my story 
1.Ayush Araya
2.Alex  jig 

Now starting from Ayush Araya he is living in village name is instari which is located in any southern region in India .he is belonging from very common family .his father is a doing farming and her mother is a housewife .his economic condition is not as much as good So, his father send him to an  English medium school  for study.
Ayush is got admission in nearby village school that school is not an English medium.
Ayush starting study he is taking interest in study he is very disciplined, punctual, honest according to his class teacher .his father is also proud of him.
From Today 12th examination is starting, as usual, everyone in his family has a belief system that is Ayush in this 12th exam he is going to be top in this examination.Everyone giving best wishes for his examination.Everyone have the expectation he is really going to be top in an examination .In way of his exam center, one old man is called Ayush and tell where r u going he is replied very pleasant way in village area in India most of the region is used one word that is (Baba for showing own love ) for any old person.
then Baba replied him nothing beta go and give your examination carefully and peacefully and I know your Today examination is gonna very good. 
Ayush is just started looking in his eye then he says him thanks, Baba.
he starts walking and he reached in the own examination center. In timing, the exam is started. After examination, he is come back to home again he meet that morning Baba.Again Baba is calling Ayush for and saying him I think your exam is gone good .he again says 
yes baba and he again says thankyou for giving me a good wish and make "faith in me"  
and start walking 
when he reached own home everyone in the family started 
   asking one question beta ess subject me top to kar Jaye Ga na .he is silent then in his family member tells muje Pata Hai yhi top Karega .phir vi Ayush is silent after few minute he replied  yes you all are true and he is going to own room and started preparing for next examination 

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