What is Digital Marketing?

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The advertisement or you can say in other words that promotion of any product or brand name, brand slogan, through electronic media that might be used as part of the digital marketing strategy of a business  Now, I think you have one doubt or question in your mind? Which types of electronic media are used to promotion of any product or brand name, brand slogan

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Here, I’m sharing seven types of Electronic Media

 That might be used as part of the digital marketing and making to the strategy of a business

Now, Example of Seven types of Electronic Media

1.    Internet

E.g.-Affiliate marketing,
 SEO (Search Engine Optimization),
 Video Marketing,
 Content Marketing,
 Online Advertising,
 Social Media Marketing (SMM),
 Online Advertising.

   2. Social Media
 E.g. - 
  1 – Facebook
  This is easily the largest social networking site in the world and one of the most widely used,     what’s app, 
 We Chat, 
Stumble upon,
 Linkedin etc.

   3. Mobile phones

e.g.- What exactly is Mobile marketing?

Mobile Marketing is how we communicate with our audience using wireless media to send messages with information or promotions about products or services. Wireless media include mobile phones, tablet computers, digital LCD screens as well as roadside billboards and Bluetooth networks.
Mobile marketing is now so intrinsically linked with Social Media and Search and Email and Content that we can no longer distinguish between them. Your phone or tablet or the Bluetooth network become the device or destination for an infinite internet distribution channel.

We use the term “Digital Marketing” because we feel it better incorporates mobile, location-based & experiential marketing, than the more common known term of online marketing. But they are interchangeable

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