What is mis and mis report meaning

What is mis and misreport meaning 

What is mis and mis report meaning, define of marketing research, Definition of MIS(Marketing information system),

MIS stands for (Marketing information system) and we already define of marketing research and systematic objective identification, collection, analysis, and dissemination of information and  for use in marketing decision making .the information obtained through marketing research and sources such as internal records and marketing intelligence become an integral part of the firms  marketing information system (MIS) is formalized set of procedure  for 
and distributing an information

 marketing decision makers on an ongoing basis.
Remember: -Definition of MIS(Marketing information system) similar to that Define of marketing research the design of MIS(marketing information system) focus on each decision makers responsibilities, style, and information needs.Information gathered from the different source, such as invoice marketing intelligence, .including marketing.

More information about MIS(Marketing information system) from Hoc marketing (Note: -Next article we discuss about what is hoc marketing ), a research project, But MIS is limited in the amount of nature of information it provides and the way of information can be used to decision making This is because the information is rigidly structured and cannot easily be manipulated.

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