Expand your limit and horizon

Inner strength  is True Strength

If you limit yourself within any boundaries of faith, belief or religion, then you limit your progress on the path of realization of Truth, the realization of inner happiness. Truth is eternal, omnipresent and infinite, with no limitations of time, space, faith, beliefs or religion.

To realize the presence of eternal, conscious and blissful Truth within, it becomes necessary for the seeker to expand his or her horizons beyond all the limitations of mental conditioning on the name of faith, belief or religion.
 How do you do that? By giving importance to your own discrimination, experiences and realization; by going further deep into spirituality beyond the boundaries of religion; by exploring the Self within rather than trying to find the God outside; by exploring the possibility of becoming totally blissful while living, not after death; by realizing the possibility of living heaven on earth; by inquiring about your inner world, as to 

what is mind?

 What is intellect? 

Who am I?

This is what I mean by expanding the horizons. I am not trying to demean the value of faith. But I am only trying to suggest that just give up the blind-faith part of your faith that is based on stories, without any logical explanation. The process of realization of inner happiness is more of a process of unlearning rather than learning. You have to become free of all kinds of hardened beliefs and conditioning of mind to reach to the state of constant blissfulness just like a child.

Man has made tremendous progress in the scientific world because we have not limited ourselves by one culture, region, country, belief or faith. The scientists and their theories are universal in nature, not limited by any sect or faith. Similarly, when it comes to the inner world why can’t we try to become universal in nature. Why do we limit ourselves in faith or religion? The spiritual nature of the being is as universal as the physical or biological nature. So, it becomes important for the seeker of true happiness to remove all the shackles of culture, belief, sect or religion. I would even suggest don’t limit yourself to one Saint or one Guru. Be truly universal to achieve true freedom.

Expand your limit and horizon

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