Happiness everlasting True

Happiness everlasting True

A rich businessman went to a mystic and addressed him: ‘Dear Master, I tried a lot, but couldn’t attain long-lasting happiness. Please bless me with long-lasting happiness.’

The mystic thought that this man doesn’t have the patience to sit, listen and comprehend my teachings. He needs a practical lesson. He said, ‘Please bring me an old shoe of the happiest one, and I will bless you to be in the same state of happiness as the owner of the shoe.’

The businessman went to the wealthiest man in the city and knocked on his door. ‘Sir, can I have one of your old shoes, please?’ On being asked why, he told the whole story to the wealthy man. The wealthy man said, ‘Who told you that I am the happiest one?
 I am over-weight, suffering with diabetes, have issues with income tax and a lot
  of headaches. I cannot give you my shoes.’

Disappointed, he went to the Mayor of the city. ‘Sir, please give me one of your old pairs of old shoes.’ On being asked why, once again he told the whole story to the Mayor. The Mayor replied, ‘How can you say that I am the happiest one? My wife and son don’t listen to me, I don’t have time to enjoy any of my luxuries, the next election is coming in another month, I have a lot to worry about. I am sorry, but I can’t give you my shoes.’

Disappointed, he went to the office of the highest government official in the city. On being asked why, once again he told the whole story to the officer. The officer replied, ‘I have my own problems, my transfer is due, politicians put a lot of pressure on me, I don’t have enough money to buy the luxury car as per the demand of my daughter. I am sorry, I can’t help you.’

Disappointed yet again, he was walking down the road to his house. On his way, he saw an old man sitting outside a temple, looking very playful and relaxed. Judging from the man’s lighthearted expressions, he asked cautiously, ‘Dear Sir, are you happy?’
‘Yes, of course. How can any worry live in my heart, where my God resides? I am admiring his miracles and I am the happiest one.’

With a glow on his face, the businessman asked, ‘Can, you please give me one of your old shoes?’
‘My dear son, I don’t wear any shoes’, the old saint replied.

The pursuit of true happiness is very ancient and even today, true, long-lasting happiness remains elusive for the mankind. No sooner do we speak of happiness than it flees from us. It only shows its joyful glimpse momentarily then again hides somewhere inside us. Somehow, contemporary man and woman has failed miserably to attain a long-lasting peaceful happiness.

The reason might be that we are knocking at the wrong door for addressing our most profound need for a wonderful state of lasting peaceful happiness. Wealth, eminence and modern technological toys cannot provide us with inner happiness. The modern amenities of life can only provide comfort to our bodies, not peace to our mind. In fact, modern life has become more stressful than ever.
Most of us are familiar with two kinds of human sensations, happiness and sorrow. The absence of happiness is construed as sorrow and the absence of sorrow is assumed to be happiness. Happiness and sorrow are emotional states experienced with respect to the outer world, whereas bliss is to be found in the inner realms. The wisdom of the East tells us that true happiness is much more than momentary pleasures, excitements, a surge in spirits or just laughter. Rather, it is about inner contentment, fulfillment and peace.

Even though blissfulness is our inherent nature, ever present and eternal, it is an ironic fact that rare are those beings who have truly found it. The sages of the East tell us that there is a basic difference in the seeking of worldly pleasure and true eternal bliss. The former lives in the outer world extending up to the realms of mind and the senses. But the treasure of eternal bliss lies inside you, beyond the realms of mind and the senses. The former comes for a reason, but the latter is ever present with no reason. This journey of eternal joy is more about self-discovery in the light of ancient wisdom of the Self. You will realize that true, long-lasting happiness is not elusive, but in fact, it is your own inherent truth.

Happiness everlasting True

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