Understand The Background Of Surya Namaskar Poses Names Now

Understand The Background Of Surya Namaskar Poses Names Now

Surya Namaskaar

Understand The Background Of Surya 

Namaskar Poses Names Now ,There 

are many customs that are an integral 

part of Vedic culture that pertains to 

showing our gratitude to Nature 

(Prakriti) that manifests in the form of 

Sun, Moon, rivers, forests, and animals 

around us. Since times immemorial Sun 

worship was a central and integral part 

of religious practice on the Indian 

subcontinent.  This is evident in the 

presence of Konarak and Arasavelli 

(A.P.)  Sun temples.

Understand The Background Of Surya 

Namaskar Poses Names Now There 

are numerous references of praising the 

Sun for the purpose of good health and 

prosperity, in Vedas. Some of these 

Vedic hymns were incorporated into 

"Nitya Vidhi" (Daily routine prayers) for 

the well being of an individual, through 

the salutations to the Sun. These daily 

procedures were termed as Surya 

Namaskaar (literally translates as "sun 


Surya Namaskar was born out of deep 

reverence, awe and gratitude for the 

Natural Forces which create, sustain, 

nourish and evolve all the life on this 

planet. Surya Namaskaar fosters a 

discipline of mind, body and emotions. 

Such a practice refines, sensitizes, and 

energizes the human being and is a 

daily reminder of the debt we humans 

owe to Sun God.  

Surya Namaskaar is also an important 

part of physical Yogic asanas that a Yogi 

performs before sitting for prayers and 

meditation. Surya Namaskaar 

comprises of a sequence of twelve Yogic 

asanas that help keep our physical body 

strong and healthy.

Understand The Background Of 

Surya Namaskar Poses Names Now

 These are:

12.Tadasana -Standing Mountain pose 

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Surya Namaskaar

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