[ Best ] tricks to keep yourself motivated?

What are the best tricks to keep yourself motivated?

This is my list of keeping myself motivated;

If your physiology is not good then it’s very hard to get motivated. There are lots of people saying “take cold showers!” or “wake up at 5 am!” or “eat healthy!” well, these actions are and can help you if your mind is at a healthy stage. But if you’re depressed, stressed out, feeling lonely, or whatever your problem is, you first have to find that problem and solve it. Everything starts mentally first. To feel good mentally, I suggest you to check your relationship with your family. Most importantly with your mom and dad.

Are you good with them, are they making you feel sad? Why are they making you sad? Do they support you? Do they trust you? Do you have any childhood traumas that you didn’t solve? Please dig into this, this is the first and one of the most important steps before you feel motivated.

2. Aura

Many people have toxic, negative, or fake relationships with their friends or with their partner.

When you wanna talk about your ideas, passion, and dreams with your friends or partner, if they make you feel down or they seemed not to care about what you say, or even the worst they make you feel bad about how you feel or see the world from your perspective then you need to show the exit door to this kind of people from your life.

People have hidden energy surrounding them, when you talk with a negative person, you will absorb those negative feelings. When you be with a positive person, you will get the positive, peaceful, motivating energy. Stop mixing your aura with negative, confused, toxic energy.

3. Change your surroundings

Are you living in a small apartment? Are you working 9–5? Feeling depressed because of your grey world that is created by your surroundings? Are you sick of the same people talking about the same never-ending stupid problems?

Well, then you have to change it! Here is how I do it. You dress up nice and tidy maybe put some fragrance.

Then choose one of the best hotels, restaurants, spas, cafes in your city. Maybe rent a nice car for a day or two. You do this not to impress people on the internet but widen your vision, open up your mind, and the way you think.

Yes, you can get good ideas looking at your wall, but believe me, you will get even better ideas and connections while you’re in these kinds of places.

You don’t need to be rich to hang out in these places or even look rich. Drink a $5 of coffee, get a salad for $20, or buy a meal for $50. Pre-book the spa.

Most of the time I hang out in 5-star hotels, high-end restaurants, nice cafes, and spas all around the world. I will put some photos end of this answer.

Hanging out in this kind of place will make you feel good, boost your motivation, let you meet with the successful and wealthy people. You can learn many things from them, or even do business together. It’s up to you.

You may live that life for a day, but seeing all of these people will motivate you to wanna live that life forever. So, you will work on it.

4. Lone Wolf

Don’t be anxious or discouraged if you’re alone. I’ve been alone for so long and made a lot of mistakes along the way and it made me only wiser, and stronger.

5. Trust your gut

If your gut tells you to do something, you have to give it a chance. At least consider it very well. When your gut tells you not to trust that person, be very suspicious. When your gut tells you to go for it, just go for it! Your gut is one of your biggest motivational coach that can foresee things.

6. Re-arrange

Transform your life, you can’t keep motivated when you’re always where have you've been. You’ve been in that job for 10 years and hate your life? Well, you gotta change that.

Change your routines.

It will give you a new perspective of life and open up your mind, because your mind likes repeating things and get lazy over time.

Change the way you go to work, change the place you hang out, change your holiday destination.

You don’t like mountains?

Go for a hike.

You don’t speak another language?

Buy a ticket to the nearest foreign language speaking country and get lost! Believe me, you will end up picking up some words.

Can’t leave your comfort zone?

Take a piece of paper, write your most wanted dreams, make a quick plan and act on it immediately.

At the end of this journey, we all gonna die. We never seen someone coming back from the other side, so please act on your life. Don’t waste it, don’t hypnotize yourself to look at other peoples good lives. It doesn't matter if you're 20, or 60.

You can still change yourself in a good way and make an impact before you leave earth. If you’re living a pathetic life, sitting on a couch waiting for some miracle to happen…

Well, then I have bad news for you, it's never gonna happen because you have the miracle inside of you. You just need to take it outside!

Don’t die before you see your own crystal.

7. Love

Love yourself first then you will be able to love others, discover yourself, say more yes than no to opportunities. You can’t be motivated if you don't love yourself. You have to be able to look at that mirror and give a huge smile to yourself, because you deserve it. :)

8. Focus

If you just think about only one thing to achieve and make your mind full of this one goal. There will be nothing left than being motivated and acting on your cause.

Don’t meet with your friends, stop checking your social media, stop doing this, and that it makes your mind dizzy. Just focus on your particular goal and do what it is necessary.

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Keep Smiling and stay Motivated!!

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