Making money online quora

Making money online Quora

Here is the Best Method to Make Money Online you can use this method to earn $$$$$$$ dollar and make you living more meaning full but one thing whatever you want to do in your life it takes time So, keep patience and Continous Hard Work  

Then you can make it possible and you can earn more then you think in your life 

So, try it ...

1. Freelance sites: I have mentioned this before in my previous answers to similar questions. I know a lot of successful entrepreneurs who have a rigid prejudice against such sites. They have an opinion that sites like upwork, freelancer, truelancer, writershub,etc. do not pay freelancers their worth. That is true. You earn way less starting out. But you will gradually develop credibility. As you work, you will start earning substantial amounts of money. You can do almost any type of work you are good at or like doing. These sites are something to look for when starting out. Some other sites that do pay but are lesser known are 1] clickworker and 2] iwriter

2. Own website: This takes a little bit of investment while getting personalized hosting and domain, but if you are consistent enough, you can not only earn on the site a passive income but soon you will be able to make a full-time income from it. You can write blogs, offer various types of services and charge as per your requirements and the market rate of course. But you need proper marketing strategies and knowledge of parameters such as SEO, SEM, social media marketing and keyword researchThere courses out there that can teach you this and for free! My recommendation would be to go for the courses on ‘Googe digital Unlocked’.

3. Affiliate Marketing:This would be my top recommendation. It is an excellent source of passive income. There are various companies you can register with so as to join their affiliate programs. Some of the companies that are pretty good are:1] Amazon associates2] Clickbank3] MaxBounty4] Google Adsense however, you do need a deep understanding of affiliate marketing, positioning, posturing, sales funnels, etc. But do not worry, there are platforms where this training can be achieved, do your research before you register with any of these. And remember to promote only those products that you stand behind. Also investing in buying licenses for high ticket affiliate products will really get money flowing on a substantial scale.

4. Surveys:There are tons of opportunities on the internet where you can find websites that will pay you to take up surveys. The process of getting involved with surveys is extremely simple and will earn you a few extra bucks.

5. Typing jobs:Do you type very fast? If yes, then you have found golden opportunities waiting for you. This might sound bizarre but yes there are companies out there that need you to do tasks like data entry and google research and can use your typing skills. Some typing jobs pay up to a $100 a day depending upon the amount of work that you put in.

As long as you are consistent, you will find something or the other waiting for you that is going to help you make some extra cash each month.


You can sell items online — may it be brand new or second hand. You can use various platforms such as Ebay, CraiglistAmazon and Craiglist. However, you can also make do with popular social media platforms like FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest. There are a lot of people doing this and they are earning.

Making money online quora
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