How you can use Quora to make money?

How you can use Quora to make money?

To make money from Quora you need to...

Solve other people's problems!

Here's How It Works

Say you are a website developer and you help people fix issues with their website for a fee.

In order to find people with issues, you need to go to the categories related to your topic.

It's where your potential client hangs out.

However, you can't get people by being overly promotional in your answer.

What you can do is start a blog related to your topic.

Search Quora for problems that have commercial value. The question must be popular and ideally has large followers.

Create a blog post, a very useful one at that to answer the question.

Once that's done, return to Quora then start answering the question. Your goal is to provide enough value within your answer. Then give hint there's more to learn if they want to go one step further. All they have to do is visit your link.

One the website make sure there's an opt-in form to capture their emails. Anyone who visited from Quora is very targeted people which will respond to your content more than your average visitors.

Find Popular Questions With Problems to Solve

You can also make money by selling affiliate offers from your website.

Go to ClickBank or any other affiliate website and find a product that solves a particular problem or teaches people something.

For example, you want to teach people how to get traffic to their blog, look for the exact product that teaches people to get traffic.

Create a blog post how that product helped you or other people. You can't skip this. If you can talk from your own personal experience, it's even better.

Go to Quora, find popular questions that are highly relevant to your blog post.

If you can't find one, you can ask the question yourself.

The ask one of your friends, to answer the questions. Of course, you are the one who wrote the answers!

Includes your links within your answer. It's absolutely crucial your answer doesn't appear promotional.

Rinse and repeat for other products


Whatever you do, the key is to be very helpful with your answer.

The good news is, there's no need to re-invent the wheel. Just copy whatever works, rinse and repeat.

I’m aware the second one may not be the best way to make money if you are answering your own question but for many reason. But you never know until you try (not that I’ve tried it!)

While I won't guarantee that you will make money, getting some targeted visitors to your blog or website will definitely improve your chance of making money from Quora.

Just remember, to make money, you need to solve other people's problem.

That’s my friend you you can use Quora to make money.

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