Grab your forks for the chicken dinner. PUBG Mobile India launch officially announced

It will not be a lie to say that PUBG Mobile is the best battle royale game on the mobile platform. Fans have arguably made PUBG their lives. And why shouldn’t they? The game has a massive player base and just keeps on getting better.

However, in the case of the Indian PUBG player’s story- the picture hand kind of been black and white. Millions of hearts are still broken because of the app ban by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

We’d like to give you a New Year’s Gift in terms of good news. PUBG is going to be back in India, and yes we’ll tell you exactly when! PUBG players, you can now stop with the wait and make space in the phone for the all-new PUBG India! The good news is all over the Indian internet in capital letters that PUBG India is coming real soon!

PUBG Mobile launches a brand new website for PUBG INDIA

While you’re busy taking down the Diwali lights, PUBG Mobile is up with their website for India. If you check the website it currently features social media posts by PUBG Mobile India and links to its social media handles and YouTube channel.

The Release Date

We can almost hear the hearts pounding for the news and the official website is only adding on to it. The website has not yet given out any announcements for the release date but here is one thing they say- Coming Soon! It’s a relief in itself, right? Keep your fingertips refreshing the website, the announcement may come anytime soon.

PUBG Mobile India releases its first teaser.

The PUBG corporation also released the first teaser for PUBG in India. When you watch it, you know you’ve been missing something. The teaser features Kronten, Jonathan, and Dynamo.

PUBG returns…

On Thursday, PUBG clarified it is coming back on the Indian grounds. The new game has been made explicitly for the Indian market, PUBG Corporation, maker of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG), and an auxiliary of South Korea’s KRAFTON, has said.PUBG Corporation is planning out to serve forward a secure and healthy gameplay environment. Additionally, it is also providing investment opportunities to video games, e-sports, entertainment, and IT industries.

  1. To carry out investment opportunities for video games, e-sports, entertainment, and IT industries, PUBG will give out a budget worth USD 100 million (about Rs 750 crore).

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