Khatabook-Dukaan Brawl Comes To An End with Equity Settlement

After two months of controversies and blame game, Khatabook-Growthpond ( has finally ended with both the companies mutually settling their legal dispute concerning the Dukaan app. Khatabook will acquire nominal equity in Growthpond’s Dukaan as a part of the settlement process whereas Growthpond will now be allowed to list its Dukaan app.

Khatabook and Growthpond, in a joint statement, said, “We think that storefront apps are a very relevant solution for small businesses in India to continue doing business in the world with pandemic reality. With this matter now firmly behind us, Khatabook will focus on driving the adoption of the shopfront app, MyStore, by Khatabook. Growthpond will get Dukaan re-listed and focus on the app’s continued progress.”

Due to the confidentiality of settlement terms, the companies are unable to further comment onthis matter.

Back in August, Growthpond Technology or had sent a legal notice to Sequoia-backed Khatabook’s parent company Kyte Technologies for plagiarising its entire platform and trademark violation for its app ‘Dukaan by Khatabook’. The logos, description and functionalities of the apps are bordering on being identical.

Both the apps enabled digital storefronts for small merchants through an app. Growthpond called in Dukaan, whereas Khatabook called is ‘Dukaan by Khatabook’. In our previous report, Khatabook’s $300 Mn SMB Empire In Plagiarism & Trademark Violation Trouble?,  we highlighted that even the colour palette of the UI and the layout of the two apps had an uncanny resemblance.

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