From KYC to Fastag of the bank, this rule will change from March 1

 From KYC to Fastag of the bank, this rule will change from March 1

This rule will change from March 1

This bank's ATM will not have a 2000 rupee note

Fastag will not be available for free on toll plaza

Many new rules and laws will come into force from Monday, that is, from March 1, which will significantly affect the lives of the people. Especially, it will have an impact on the pockets of the salaried people across the country. The changes that are going to be made from March 1 include the prices of petrol, diesel and gas cylinders. However, fuel prices change every day. But since the month changes, the rules change regularly. Let's know what is going to change from March one.

Cooking gas prices

On the first day of every month, Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) announce new rates of LPG cylinders. However, in February, rates were revised three times amid rising crude oil prices. Currently, a 14.2-kg cylinder costs Rs 794 in the national capital, while it costs Rs 745.50 in Kolkata and Rs 735 in Chennai.

Petrol diesel rates

Fuel rates are revised daily amid rising crude oil prices, but in India it has reached an all-time high. However, Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has indicated that the price will decrease as the winter season ends in the country. Dharmendra Pradhan said that the increase in the price of petroleum in the international market has also affected consumers. But with winter prices coming down, prices will come down slightly. This is an international matter,

Mandatory KYC for SBI customers

From 1 March, it will be mandatory for SBI customers to get their KYC done if they want to keep their accounts active.

This bank's ATM will not have a 2000 rupee note

From March 1, customers will not be able to withdraw 2000 rupee notes from Indian Bank ATM. However, the bank will be able to remove the note from the counter. Indian Bank said that after withdrawing cash from ATMs, customers come to bank branches to exchange notes of 2000 rupees for small denomination currency notes. To avoid this, we have decided to stop the loading of Rs 2,000 denomination notes in Indian bank ATMs with immediate effect.

Free fastag will not be available on toll plaza

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has said that from March 1, customers will have to pay 100 rupees to buy FASTag from the toll plaza.

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