Gaming Application Updates : When PUBG Mobile come back to India, the latest report revealed this big

PUBG Mobile India Updates: The market is hot for discussions about the return of Pabji Mobile Game to India. New reports are also coming to the media amidst speculation. The latest report indicated how long PUBG Mobile will be restored in India? According to this report by Inside Sport, PUBG Mobile's return to India is not easy. WebSide quoted sources as saying that it may take until January or February next year. Everything depends on the attitude of the Government of India.

Everything depends on the attitude of the Government of India. Let me tell you, Chinese companies like PUBG Mobile have had to bear the brunt of the antics of the Chinese army on the border. The Indian government had banned these apps. However, crores of PUBG Mobile fans are still hopeful of its comeback.

PUBG Mobile Runic Power Update: Meanwhile PUBG Mobile is constantly working on new updates. PUBG Mobile's Runic Power update was announced just before the season started. The Runic Power update gives you three possible energies - wind, snow, and fire that help the game survive longer.

PUBG 1.3 Beta link: Recently PUBG has also released a new 1.3 beta link for its users worldwide and is currently available for public testing. This latest version of PUBG is better than the previous one with new features and better graphics.

Let us know, PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are banned in India, so it is strictly advised that Indian gamers do not download the game through any APK extension. PUBG is in talks with Indian authorities to re-enter the game's Indian market. The government banned the multiplayer action game PUBG on 2 September and it was removed from both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in India following a directive from the Government of India.