LPG Subsidy Status: Check whether or not gas subsidy money is coming to your bank account check it now

 LPG Subsidy Status: Check whether or not gas subsidy money is coming to your bank account check it now 

Whether gas subsidy money is coming into account

Money does not reach the bank account if there is a mistake

Know whether or not the gas subsidy money is going into your account

Gas Subsidy Check Online: Are your LPG subsidy reaching the bank account? If you do not even know the answer, then definitely read further news ... Well, the gas subsidy money reaches the bank account without any hassle, but many times it has been seen that due to some mistake this money does not reach the account. is.In such a situation, the information about this transaction should also be in your knowledge.

Find out if gas subsidy money is coming to your account or not ...

First of all, open your mobile or computer by connecting it to the Internet.

Then go to the browser where you have to type www.mylpg.in and open it.

After this, you will see the picture of gas cylinders of gas companies on the right.

Click on the photo of the gas cylinder of any company 

you are taking service for.

After this, you will see a new window which will be from your gas service provider.

- After doing this, at the top right, you will see the option of sign-in and new user, tap on it.

-If your ID is already created then you need to sign in.

If you do not have an ID, then you need to tap on the new user. Login on the website.

After this, in the window that will open, on the right side, the option of View Cylinder Booking History will be seen, click on it.

Here you will get information about how much subsidy has been given on which cylinder and when ...

-If you have booked gas and you have not received subsidy money, then click on the feedback button.

Here you can also file a complaint of not getting the subsidy money.

Apart from this, if you have not yet linked the LPG ID to your account, then go to the distributor and get your work done.

-You can also work to register a complaint by calling 18002333555 for free. Stay with us for getting gas subsidy and for updates from News in Hindi.

Government gives subsidy: 

When you buy LPG, you are given subsidy from the government. This subsidy government works to send direct to the customer's account. Let us tell you that 12 cylinders can be booked on one connection in a year. Earlier the amount of subsidy used to be a little more, but for the last few months it has come down to only Rs 30 to 35. In such a situation, it has become very important to know whether this money is coming into your account or you are being deprived of it. Gas subsidy money is coming to the account

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