Social Media & New Mobile Application launches in India : Made in India apps from WhatsApp, Twitter to compete with PubG, see full list

 Social Media & New Mobile Application launches updates in India : Made in India apps from WhatsApp, Twitter to compete with PubG, see full list

WhatsApp, Twitter The central government has banned many Chinese mobile apps last year. Which includes the most used Tiktok, PUBG and Camscanner. Since the ban on these foreign apps, the government has been emphasizing on the use of native apps. ISRO is going to bring the option of Google Map soon. At the same time, Made in India versions of apps like WhatsApp and Twitter have come. Today we are going to tell you about such Indian apps. By adopting those, you can stop using foreign apps.

Sandes: This app is a chatting app. The National Informatics Center has created it to compete on WhatsApp. It currently arrives on the iPhone. The sandes app includes all the features like WhatsApp.

Koo: It's completely like Twitter. In particular, it focuses on Indian languages. Also the social network has Tooter. Short messages can be created here. Which is called Toots.

Bhuvan: This app is coming as an alternative to Google Map. For this, the Department of Science of Mapmai India has entered into an agreement with Geospatial Technology Company.

FauG: This mobile has come to compete with a PUBG. This game has been created by Bangalore mobile game publisher NCORE.

Elyments: Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu introduced it last year. It is like Facebook and Instagram. The privacy features are quite good in this.

Carbon Scanner: This is an alternative to the Made in India app Camscanner. It is made by Kshark Apps. Many of its features are similar to CamScanner.

Z Share: This app has been created by Shravan Hegde. It is like ShareIT.

DigiBoxx: It is a native cloud storage platform. This is in a way a replacement for Google Drive. DigiBoxx provides users with a storage plan.

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