Technology Updates : Google is keeping an eye on your every activity, these steps can block

Google: Google, this is the same search engine that we use to get more information about things. Whose result is 100 percent correct. But do you know that Google monitors the smartphone every moment. Google knows where we are going, what we are doing and what we are searching. Actually, uses your data to improve its search engine. But you can block it. Let's know how….

First - go to Android smartphone settings and click on location data. After this, swipe the location Parmish left and turn it off. Similarly, you can also turn it on. In this way, the permission of the location data of all the apps available in your device will be blocked.

Second - You can turn off the location history feature of Google account to block the permission of location data given to all Google services. For this, you have to go to the Settings option of Google Account and click on Manage or Google Account. After this, click on the privacy and personalization of Google account and click on the Lokesh History of the Activity Control section. Later you can turn off location history by swiping left.

Third - If you want to close the location of a perticular app, then go to the Settings app on Android phone and click on the location. After this, the app that you do not want to allow location axis, can swipe it off and turn it off.