WhatsApp ,Facebook ,Twitter,Netflix,instagram in trouble, know how the social media guidelines of the center will be affected

 WhatsApp ,Facebook ,Twitter,Netflix,instagram  in trouble, know how the social media guidelines of the center will be affected

WhatsApp Social Media Guidelines: The central government has announced new rules for OTT platforms, social media companies and news portals. This new rules states that platforms such as Twitter, WhatsApp and Telegram will have to identify the message sender first. This provision is anti-national and against security and sovereignty. For Twitter and WhatsApp, this rule means that they will have to break their end-to-end encryption, which will make it difficult for the government to follow the new IT guidelines.

Significantly, WhatsApp rejected requests to identify those who sent earlier messages. The company said that it would break their end-to-end encryption model. Apart from this, Union Ministers Prakash Javadekar and Ravi Shankar Prasad said that if no messages and tweets came from India. In such a situation, companies have to tell who has received the message first. If WhatsApp refuses to follow the new government rules, the country will face a ban.

How does personal messaging of WhatsApp work?

The end-to-end encryption of WhatsApp only keeps everything between you and the person you communicate with. No third can see the messages, photos, videos etc. of both of you, not even WhatsApp. Please tell that in end-to-encryption messages can be secured by locking. Which only the recipient and you have the right to unlock and read. There is no need to set up any kind of special chat.

Know what the government said on the new rules

Objectionable posts or messages made in matters like unity, integrity, social system, misdeeds of India will have to be identified first. In such cases, there will be a minimum sentence of 5 years. There will be three categories for OTT platforms. Digital media has to be self-regulating like electronic media. All the rules will come into force in the next three months.

In addition, social sites and mobile apps will have to publish information about the privacy policy and user agreement. Companies have to put in place mechanisms to handle complaints. In which an Indian officer will be appointed, whose name will also have to be mentioned. This officer will have to file a complaint within 24 hours and settle it for 15 days. If an objectionable photo has been posted, it will have to be removed within 24 hours of receiving the complaint. Companies have to explain why the content is being removed.

Companies have to explain why the content is being removed. In addition, OTT will have to make a parental lock so that it is not right for parents to block such content for their children. Whereas Netflix, Amazon also have to decide by content age.

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