Best 6 Qualities and Ways That Make a Great Leader by APJ Abdul Kalam (Leadership skill Learning , Leadership Qualities)

Best 6 Qualities and Ways That Make a Great Leader by APJ Abdul Kalam (Leadership skill Learning , Leadership Learning)

No other Indian president has possibly spent as much time interacting with children and youngsters as Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He truly believed that the future of India and the future of the world depended on encouraging children to dream, think differently and change the status quo. Here are the six qualities one should learn to become a great leader.

Best 6 Qualities and Ways That Make a Great Leader by APJ Abdul Kalam (Leadership skill Learning , Leadership Qualities)
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 Six traits one leader should have Leadership skill Learning, Leadership

Number one leader must have a vision

without ambition you will not be a

leader he or she

so leader must have a vision.

The second one leader must be able to

travel he didn't iron into an unexplored

paths normally tendency to travel that

you know well well laid out to a part

but the leader he takes the path of one


Third thing leader must know how to

manage success most importantly the


any mission he does or she does say yes

to go through some failure you should

they should know how to manage the

failures I was I will become the project

director for satellite lunch we could

program a semi 3d spot to put her own he

sat like the heartbeat by 1980 so when

the time came 1979

I think it's an August we handed over to

the computer through the process of

checking the launch vehicle t-minus four

minutes and launch it after one meter in

the computer chequered computer put a

hole in the first some reasons they said

display one theory turns out some

component is not doing well control

component so I went i bypassed the

computer I went on manual launch the

Rockets okay we got into trouble in

stuff satellite going the arbitral the

whole rocket system when to do BAE up

and off ok so it was a big failure the

chairman of the organization the leader

of the organization taking the press

conference I was by his side he said we

have four failed first time we tried to

attempted and this failure really makes

us to believe you have to do more

technological support my team they work

very hard definitely in a year they will


so I was a mission director of a project

director I have responsible for the

failure and he took the responsibility a

failure as the chairman of the art

education and they'll give the values

issue next year 1980 July we succeeded

the whole nation was jubilant there's a

press conference for us of this novel

told me you go take the press conference

okay the message is and the failure

occurred the leader of the organization

warned the leader of failure when the

success came a guilty steam that the

best management two principal are not

learnt previously any books on attacked

me I learned from that experience.

next 1/4 point leader must have courage

to take decision that's our problem

today throughout the world leader must

have a courage to take division

fifth one leader should have a nobility

management man mobility and management a

big customer so I believe leader should

have an ability management and your free

action of the leader should be

transparent a leader should work with

integrity and succeed with the factory

leader should work with integrity and


High climbed and claimed varies the peak

my lord I climbed and climbed

where is the big my lord I rode and

blowed very the knowledge station my


I plowed and plowed very the knowledge

treasure my lord I sailed and said very

the island of Greece my lord I sailed

that same very the island of Greece my

lord almighty

bless my nation with vision

and sweat resulting into happiness -



APJ Abdul Kalam example of leadership Qualities 

1. He became the 11th President of India on 25th July 2002.

2. He is known as "Missile Man" for his work in establishing India's military missile program.

3. He started out as a newspaper vendor. He earned a degree in aeronautical engineering at a technology institute in Chennai (Madras). He joined the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre in Kerala in the 1960s as one of its first engineers. He played a major role in the center's evolution as a key hub of space research in India, helping to develop the country's first indigenous satellite-launch vehicle.

4. He worked for the Defence Research and Development Organization and the Indian Space Research Organization.

His father owned boats which he rented out to local fishermen.

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