Best Motivational Success Story To Never Give Up- How [ Sia Beat ] Depression And Saved Her Life

 Best Motivational Success Story To Never Give Up- How Sia Beat Depression And Saved Her Life

How Sia Beat Depression And Saved Her Life - Best Motivational Success Story To Never Give Up

After her very dark period, she became Happy Again!
One of the best motivational story out there.

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Sia never had a normal childhood. She really struggled with her father. He had two personalities. One personality was called Phill, and he was the best dad ever, fun and interesting, but the other was called Stan, and he was very scary to be around. 

She grew up to be a very shy girl. Music was her passion, so when Sia was just a teenager she was singing for a band for a few years and then tried a solo career. But she never had any big success and felt like a failure. Sia was finally ready for a change and a fresh start, so she decided to move to London, to be with her boyfriend who was her first love. They couldn't wait to be together. But sadly a big tragedy happened that would change her life forever.  Her boyfriend was hit by a cab just before Sia planned to make her big move.  He lost his life on his 24th birthday

Her life started to fall apart. That moment marked the beginning of a very dark period.

She needed to take back  the control and not give up so easily, so she began a 12-step recovery program.

Sia never planned to perform again due to constant panicking on stage. She was scared from performing.  She felt like a failure

But Sia found a way to do what she loved the most, without showing her face. Sia reappeared with a white wig that completely covered her face.. And that look became her trademark. Her songs   "Chandelier" and "Elastic Heart" topped the charts. And she became one of the most loved musicians in the world. Sia has achieved global success, and did it her way. She stayed true to herself. With therapy, medication and 12 step recovery program, Her physical health is getting better and she is finally happy again.

How old is too old to start again? If you want to start a business, change your career, learn a new language, become a great leader, become a better person, write that book you always wanted to, or just do something different, something you never tried before.. at what point is it too late to be successful? Never

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