Difference between Web developer and Software engineer | Web Development vs Software Development and it's Importance

Difference between Web developer and Software engineer | Web Development vs Software Development and it's Importance  

  Difference between web developer and software engineer

Why Web Development is important?

The web is a dynamic sea of information experiencing rapid expansion. Web developers help make that info accessible, organized, and useful. They also implement new tools and applications every day that enhance pretty much every industry or economic sector you can name.

Why Software Development is important?

Software development carries your business higher than ever of reconciliation. It permits your organization to be open from anyplace through cell phone or PC. Software development is an umbrella term used to refer to the overall process that involves several tasks, such as computer programming, documenting, repairing and testing that concern both the creation and the maintenance of applications and frameworks.

Difference between Web developer and Software engineer | Web Development vs Software Development and it's Importance

So let's quickly take an introduction to

who a web developer actually is so you

might have heard of web developers you

might know web developers and of course

there's a lot of them in today's world

so web developer is basically an it

professional who has the ability to


web applications uh you know which can

be hosted on the internet or on a server

architecture which basically means that

you can have applications which can be

used anywhere across the world

so web works completely to provide a

very clean code for the website and the

web applications.

see as learners as beginners as

intermediate users you might have come

across code sometimes which is actually

easy but it's very difficult to

understand that's

that's bad code when we mean clean code

it has to be very readable it has to be

understandable it has to come with

supporting documentation comments and

everything more

now they are also responsible for

building the entire framework of a


and a web application as well so when

you think about all the things that

happen in the back end

well these guys are responsible for that

as well so we have an entire

career path when you talk about web

developers it's called as full stack web

development where it consists of front

end back back-end functionality


and so much more as well and of course

all of this includes

uh you know working on the logic of the

application the actual probably the


of the application be it a website be it

a web application so

logic is pretty important there right

and these guys are

known uh to work on the logic part of it

as well now

coming to who a software developer is

well uh

as you might already guess a software

developer is a person who's involved

with creating new

software so he's a professional who

knows all of the tools the requirements

the client side

aspects the methodologies and everything

that's involved

uh you know to go from scratch to ready


solves a particular problem so a

software developer will

work very closely with most of the

people in the company be it a business


be it all of the designers to make the

application look good the user interface

the user experience to be beautiful and

of course the clients

because at the end of the day you have

to satisfy their requirements

now a software developer is also

responsible for creating

uh you know be it applications on the

mobile and the desktop platform as well

so it's not only that the you know right

applications give you software

uh on which works only on a pc or a

laptop no they are responsible

for working on mobile development as

well well now

as i mentioned for the web developer as

well even a software developer

has the ability should have the ability

in fact to provide

great documentation for all of the code

that they write because at the end of

the day if they're writing the

software or a piece of program for a

client who might

not know the technicalities of it it is

the job of the software developer to

basically make it

easier in terms of understandability as


well now if they have returned their own

software it means that there might be

applications where you know things might

not work as expected or there might be

certain weaknesses in the applications

and of course it is their job to find

these weaknesses to test them

continuously test for vulnerability

and of course fix them before delivering

it to the client as well

now with this we can quickly jump onto

the comparison between web development

and software development and of course

the first point in our comparison is the

ability so when we talk about ability we

talk about the skills that's required

and whatever is required to basically

build uh you know applications in both

of these domains

in terms of a web developer a web

developer will have all the skills to

build websites

and web applications and uh you know not

much apart from that

but then when you're talking about a

software developer a software developer

will have the ability to do some sort of

web development as well

because at the end of the day if it's a

software or an application which is

scaled across the web then pretty much

you know it forms to be a tiny aspect of

a web application itself

so software developer gets a slight

advantage here because

uh he or she has the complete ability to

build any kind of software

uh you know that's required based on the

requirement of the client

now the second point we have to talk

about is the architecture

so what we mean by architecture is

basically that whenever web developers

work or whenever they are set out to

solve a problem.

everything that they work basically most

of the time is client server

architectures because

you know there's a server which hosts

all of the applications or all of the

uh content that they require beat web

applications be it

uh websites and whatnot and they develop


such that they bring the client server

architecture together and eventually

drive a product out of it

now when we're talking about software

developers software developers basically

provide solutions to clients

as usual by basically working on client

based systems only

because at the end of the day uh your

client might already have a server

architecture which just requires a

client unit to work with right

so in that particular case they'll

require only a client based system which

will you know sit fine

with their already existing protocols

already existing architecture and work

fine there as well

so this is a simple difference in the

architecture of how web developers go on

to do their jobs.

and software developers at the same time

now the third point we need to check out

is the development platform

because when you talk about web

developers since they're writing

websites and web applications the most

important concern here is that

you know all of their applications and

websites need to work.

fine whenever you talk about any browser

it's not like their application works

fine let's say on google chrome but

fails to work on mozilla firefox no that

shouldn't happen

so these guys have the ability these

guys work uh with the entirety of the

mindset where they make sure that their

applications work.

flawlessly in all of the browsers uh you

know that there are

and when we talk about software

developers uh you know software

developers have

a similar requirement but here it's not

web browsers particularly but it's

different operating systems.

so uh just like how web developers want

to make the products

work across all of these web browsers

software developers are concerned

with making their products their

applications their software's work

fine in multiple operating systems as

well be it

linux be it windows be it mac os and


coming to the fourth point it's again a

very important one which is easier to


as a beginner or an intermediate user

well it is in my opinion that web

development is

easier to get started with because you

have a very structured form of learning

in which all of the tools and the

techniques can be mastered very easily

and in fact they are not

complicated to learn uh if you pick up a

structured program that will teach you

for this

now with respect to software development

software uh development

involves a lot of different

methodologies you know when you're

building a software

so it involves a lot of operations

alongside uh you know software

development bringing together a lot of

teams and working hand in hand with the

client as well so it requires

uh you know a lot of understanding in

terms of methodologies tools and

even philosophies of course because

there are some philosophies that suggest

what a good software is and what sets it

apart from a bad one or a mediocre one

as well

so in that point of view for beginners

to get started with all of these in

terms of software development might be

a little overwhelming coming to point

number five it's the average salary of

these developers.

you know both of these developers be it

web developers and software developers

they're paid really well

but when you talk about web developers

they have a starting salary which is

slightly less than that of a software

developer just

because of the complexity that's

involved uh you know web developers they


paid around eighty thousand dollars

annually in the united states and

somewhere around seven lakhs per annum

uh you know in india when you talk about

software developers these guys have an

average salary of somewhere around 115

220 000 dollars in the usa and somewhere

around 10

to 12 lakhs per annum in india so with

these wonderful numbers we can move on

to the sixth point which is the

programming languages

because as web developers pretty much

you know they mostly work with html css

javascript and all these flavors of


uh you know frameworks based of

javascripts be it react

node.js and many many other tools as


in the case of software developers again

they have to have

a lot of proficiency in the languages

that they're going to write the

applications in

uh be it c plus plus b java python is a

beautiful language for software


csharp and even they'll require uh some

framework knowledge as the dot net

framework and how all the uh

tools integrate into a framework and how

eventually they can drive a software

uh based on the programming language and


uh development frameworks as well so all

in all uh in this point i think the

software developers will have to put a

lot more work

into understanding these software and

frameworks rather than web developers

because at the end of the day it's not

simple to be a web developer and it's

not a simple task to be a software

developer but if

you are getting started from scratch i

think a web developer's aspect to it

is a bit advantageous but of course it

depends on your interests if you are

interested towards a software.

development career then you will find a

lot of resources in our

telepath website itself uh that can get

you started with

these now coming to the seventh point

it's about

hosting applications as the name


in web development the final product so

the end result has to be hosted on the

internet so that it can be accessible

from anywhere across the world right

so this part of development which

involves hosting everything

on the internet makes use of a server

architecture you know the data is all

stored in a server and clients just

get connected to that server and you

know use it in the finest situation


now when we talk about software

development it might or might not

involve or deploying it on the web or

deploying it anywhere in fact because at

the end of the day it's based on the

client requirement.

it might just be that you know the

client wants it in such a way

that they wanted to talk to their

servers and you know not be hosted on

the web so

that part of it uh which involves

writing programs to make sure that you

know the clients scan access to the


and the tools techniques that's already

available in that server

well that takes some skill as well now

with this we come to point number eight

point number eight involves carrier


you might have heard of uh web

development branches

uh you know there's full stack

development there's front-end

development back-end development

mern stack mean stack and so much more

right so

uh you know do not get convoluted by

these names in fact pretty simple as the

name suggests the front-end developer

will have the ability to

uh you know create the user interfaces

make it look

nice so whatever you see on a website is

what a front-end developer does

now when you think about back-end

development back-end development is

providing functionality ensuring storage

making sure that you know your front end

has some data to show as well all the


comes from the backend development and

full stack development

can be considered as a loosely bound

front end and

back in development together followed by

other abilities as well

of course we have complete in-depth

videos on full stack development

and front-end and back-end development

on the channel as well so make sure to

check it out

now coming to a software development

carrier path

well a software development career path

may depend on what you want out of

the career as well because at the end of

the day you might be into application

programming or you might want to build a


uh you know which goes towards the

domain of data analysis

be it software testing or you know you

might have

interests in terms of database

management as well so it depends on

where you want to go where you see

yourself right now and uh what you're

inclined to do as well

now coming to the ninth point it's

community support

uh both web development and software

development have amazing communities

most of the tools are in fact open


so you can find a lot of documentation

on the web itself

now with web development it's it's

rapidly growing you might

have seen the popularity of the job

openings in fact for react.js node.js

and you know it seems to be taking over

the web development industry well of

course these tools have proven that they


provide a very good results very

efficient results without doing much

well that's one of the reasons why web

development is considered to be growing

at a rapid pace

and if there's a business anywhere in

the world.

well they have a requirement of at least

having a website or having a presence

on the internet right and this calls for

web development

coming to software development software

development is very very vital it is one

of the most important things

that can be placed in any organization

and of course as a name suggests it's

software development it's an

ever-growing field

it's had the title of being ever growing

probably for

30 40 years now and ever since the term

was coined.

way back it's still holding true to what

it means when they say

it's ever growing now with this uh you

know the question that you must ask

yourself is which

is the right path for you well this

completely depends

on what you want to do as i've suggested

in the previous points

web development and software development

in fact can go hand in hand to create

applications and products

so the question you need to ask yourself

is which are you

inclined uh to do what's your career

path what's your career goal and what

seems more attractive to you

and fun to you both of these domains web

development and software development are

really fun to work with and

as i've mentioned they have a beautiful

community as well so what's your answer

to this question which path

is the right one for you do head to the

comments section and let us know

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