How A Method To x100 Your Productivity define and net primary productivity by Robin Sharma

How  A Method To x100 Your Productivity define and net primary productivity by Robin Sharma

The neuroscience, methodology and tactics of a truly world-class morning routine so you maximize your genius and activate high success in these very messy times

How  A Method To x100 Your Productivity define and net primary productivity by Robin Sharma
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Robin Sharma Author of The Leader Who Had No Title,

founder of The Titan Academy.

And welcome to this Mastery Session.

This Mastery Session is all about a method to x100,

(to increase by a factor of 100) your productivity.

And we live in a world right now where productivity

and in particular, what I call exponential productivity

has never been so important.

Here's a brain tattoo for you to consider.

"An addiction to distraction

will be the death of your creative production."

Here's another brain tattoo for you to consider:

"We live in a world

where focus is more valuable than even your intelligence."

I mean if you watch most performers today,

you watch most people in business today,

you watch most people in your community today,

and they are walking while checking their social feeds.

They are addicted to the entertainment of video games.

They are spending the best hours of their days

watching dancing cats on YouTube.

I mean it is incredible right now

how consumed people are with their tiny white screens

and yet if you look at the A-Players,

if you look at many of the most creative

and productive people on the planet,

they're doing and working

in such vastly different ways

because if you want to achieve the results only 5% achieve,

you've got to think and produce

and behave like only 5% of the people on the planet.

And the best people on the planet

in terms of creativity and productivity

are not spending their finest hours

addicted to distraction.

They are doing work that matters.

They're not doing fake work,

they're doing real work.

And so in this Mastery Session

I want to walk you through a number of protocols

that will really help you multiply your productivity

in the finest of ways

and I'm going to get right into the first one

which is "The 90/90/1 Rule".

Now I've become pretty well known for this.

I've taught it to a lot of people

who attend my annual event, The Titan Summit.

And they have used this one tool alone

to create vast amounts of productivity

that have scaled their businesses,

scaled their impact on the world,

and created world-class lifestyles.

So I really invite you to pay even more attention

to The 90/90/1 rule.

And what's that all about?

It's pretty simple like any great rule.

For the next 90 days,

spend the first 90 minutes of your workday

on your single most important opportunity

to move the needle in your industry.

And I'll repeat that again with great respect

because it's so important, I believe,

to your productivity.

The 90/90/1 Rule is simply:

for the next 90 days

spend the first 90 minutes of your workday

on your single most game-changing opportunity

because what happens?

A lot of us get to work

and we spend our best hours

on our least important activities.

We get to work and we start checking our social feed.

We get to work and we check our texts.

We get to work and we chitchat at the water cooler

about the latest TV show that we watched last night.

And research has shown that the morning hours

are when you have the most focus,

when you have the most energy,

and when you have the most willpower.

And so you wanna use that first 90 minutes.

That is, that is game time.

That's show time.

The second piece of technology

to create exponential productivity

is what I call "Tight Bubbles of Total Focus".

Your environment is so important

and if you look at B-performers or C-producers,

they really don't pay

a lot of attention to their environment.

And so they get very distracted.

There's lots of noises,

their phones are going off.

Maybe there's news in the background.

Maybe there's messy environments all around them.

Maybe there's toxic people.

What I'm suggesting to you

is the second piece of technology

to really x100 your productivity is this.

Install environments of Tight Bubbles of Total Focus.

The way I run my work life on certain days,

I am very hard to reach.

And I challenge you with great love and respect.

Be very hard to reach during key times of your week.

I mean I see a lot of people

and it's not judging them, it's just observing them.

Every time their phone rings they check it

or they have these loud notifications,

so they're constantly being distracted.

And we know what the research says.

The research says,

we spend 2.1 hours a day in distraction.

We spend, and it takes 21 minutes to refocus your focus

after you've been distracted.

So if you are being distracted by notifications,

checking your phone, checking your Twitter feed,

checking your Facebook feed, looking on Instagram,

checking all the different platforms,

that is gonna destroy your focus.

So the second piece of technology

is create these tight bubbles of total focus

and the way I do it,

is I have certain days that I label as creative days

and on those creative days,

I actually go device free,

and on those days I'm very hard to find.

And on those days I'm in total solitude.

And on those days I go to certain places.

I call them my Menlo labs

just like Edison had his Menlo lab.

And these places are very minimalist

and there's no one there

and that's where I do my best work.

So install these tight bubbles of total focus

and create these Menlo labs

where you're sorta,

you're completely distraction free.

And then you will find your brain will drop

from the beta state into the alpha state.

Where you will do your best work and get your best ideas.

The next piece of technology

that will help you create

exponential productivity in your work life

so you truly impact the world around you,

is choose your peer group really really well.

There's a lot of excellent science coming out

and a lot of excellent research coming out

that says the number one way to improve your behavior

is to surround yourself with a peer group

or social circle of people who are also playing

at the level you wanna be playing at.

So if you wanna be a high performer

in terms of your productivity,

populate your life with high performers.

Now here's the science behind it.

In the brain we have something

called the mirror neuron system of the brain

and it dates back to thousands of years ago

when we were living on the savanna.

And this mirror neuron system

allowed us to model the behavior

of the dominant people in the tribe.

So if someone figured out a tool

or figured out fire or a better way to survive,

subconsciously this system in the brain

allowed us to model the behavior.

And I think this is pretty fascinating information.

Now here we are in the modern world and what happens?

Subconsciously we are modeling the behavior

of the people we spend most of our time with.

And so if you are around victims,

you will start behaving like a victim.

If you're around people who are mediocre performers,

you will subconsciously start behaving like them.

If you're around people who gossip,

who are not A players, who do not produce very much,

you will subconsciously,

because of the mirror neuron system in the brain

start performing like them.

Why else is it important to surround yourself

with a peer set or social orbit of A-Players?

Emotional contagion.

And that's a scientific phenomenon that simply says

we pick up on the emotions of the people that are around us.

And so if you are around a social circle

of people who are inspired,

people who wanna do great work,

people who wanna be ultra productive,

people who wanna be innovative,

people who are relentlessly optimizing their work,

their thinking, their creativity.

Just being around them

will allow you to adopt their energy

and their ways of being.

And then the final technology

for you to create exponential productivity

is what I call learned minimalism.

So minimalism is often considered

as a design philosophy, right?

It's very stark, very sparse,

sometimes industrial, lots of white,

not a lot of things.

It's kinda like you go into a boutique hotel

and it's designed by Philippe Starck,

the great French designer,

and it's very minimalist.

What I'm encouraging you to do

with great love and respect

is to be ultra productive.

Adopt the mindset of learned minimalism.

Now I've worked with a lot of

the most creative and productive people on the planet.

I've worked with billionaires and CEOs.

I've worked with true titans.

Here's one thing I've observed in them.

They understand

that the secret to genius

is not complexity, it's simplicity.

If you look at a Picasso of any industry,

if you look at a great artist,

they didn't fill their work days

and their personal lives with a lot of things.

They filled them with a few things.

I guess what I'm suggesting to you

is one of the secrets to iconic productivity

is be monomaniacally focused

at being world-class at just a few things.

And if you look at any great artist, any great entrepreneur,

any great business builder,

any great author, any great humanitarian,

they were monomaniacally focused on one thing.

They were minimalists.

And so what I wanna leave you with is this.

Maybe this year, rather than having 50 projects

that you want to achieve at the highest level,

maybe pick three.

This year,

rather than having a thousand Facebook friends,

maybe go deepen, develop three really great relationships.

This year or maybe the next few months,

rather than trying to read 20 audiobooks, 50 e-books,

go to five courses,

why not focus on one course

and one audio book.

And why not study one great autobiography.

Maybe it's Isaacson's autobiography of Steve Jobs.

Maybe it's Nelson Mandela's autobiography.

I'm going through the autobiography

of Martin Luther King, Jr. right now

which actually wasn't written by him

but it's called the autobiography

of Martin Luther King, Jr..

I am encouraging you to really adopt

this thinking protocol of becoming a minimalist.

Even your home.

Fill it with just a few things, right?

Even your work life.

Just a few projects.

Even your clients, just the highest leverage clients.

And especially your days.

Focus, focus, focus

on just those few priorities

that when you roll up your sleeves

and go deep in them

and invest what I call the Trinity of your Assets,

your focus, your energy, and your willpower

on those few things,

they will allow you to birth art into the world

which will allow the world to call you world-class.

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