How Carmella Taitt age 20 College Student who Built Her [ $300 dollar/Month by Side Hustle ] (Positive and Inspirational way of women empowerment)

 How Carmella Taitt age 20 College Student who Built Her $300/Month by Side Hustle (Positive and Inspirational way of women empowerment)

Carmella Taitt is a 20-year-old college student and natural hairstylist from Brooklyn, New York. She has clients both at George Mason University in Virginia and back home in Brooklyn. Even though her hair braiding business is technically a side hustle, Carmella sees it as more of a “spiritual practice” and likes to offer student discounts to give back to her community.

Image of Carmella Taitt age 20 student who make 300 dollar/month by side hustle
Image of Carmella Taitt age 20 student
who make 300 dollar/month by side hustle

being a black woman hair is really important to us it's like a way of expression almost like fashion like choosing what you want to wear it for us look how we want to wear a hair it's like really important and that way my name carmela tate i'm from brooklyn new york i'm twenty years old and i'm a natural hair stylist ever since i was little kid and my mom would take me to the hair salon to get my braids done afterwards i would always feel like almost like a brand new person each style i feel i've brought out a different side of me or a different creative like outlay

that i wanted to express their my hair and i think that a lot of black woman can relate to that because our hair so versatile it's like a part of the black girl magic that we have a body i would always try different styles on myself and then my sister started to notice that i was i'm getting better at it and she was like maybe you should try to do my hair and i was like okay so then one day and she was like why don't you try to my box braids and i'll pay you and then i was like you know maybe i can start doing other people's hair besides just you and me mm mmit can vary being that it is like a side hustle so there isn't it that schedule each month but i would say i make about likehonestly like two to three hundred dollars a month

so especially being a student time is very valuable for me so ,I  try to keep that in account when i am determining what to charge for the different styles being that it can take up to like ten hours i offer student discounts which is like

sometimes around like forty percent to twenty percent depending on the style again and the different prices that i'm charging for the legs both sides or whatever it is and i also am open to like negotiating with what people can afford to stuff but the hair supplies that i do provide for my client it includes edge control

Joe combs brushes things like that it depends on the style so for each client that i have i use about one jar of edge control and one dr jo that true troll is ten and the jealous sick so that's about sixteen dollars each however the combs and brushes those are things that i can clean and disinfect each time in between different clients so i just have to buy those one time and i have like a good set that i use often and then besides that the edge control and the joe and things that

the by rep on often when i'm at school i do hair more often on campus like in my dorm rooms but when i am it's for yeah there's also other clients that i would do that live off campus and when it comes to traveling since i don't have a car i'll charge like a little bit of a travel fee which is helpful for like pay for that over there

hair braiding for me it could technically be considered a side hustle but in my opinion i feel like i see hair braiding it's like a spiritual practice as a black woman i feel like it's such an important thing for us

dear to be done in different ways and i feel like it teaches us a lot about ourselves and each other and i think in other people's hair doing my own hair than my family is here i feel like it's a way of like uniting on uplifting us and helping each other

within our community and that's what excites me about doing here one sided learned how to do it and i got better and better at it i learned that i can use it as a service and make it into a business while also having that exchange with my community


I hope you feel positive and motivated Carmella Taitt How she is think about her own black community and support them by giver her discount on her services this is one of the real example of women empowerment economically and financially .Stay positive and stay connected with us we share more story on women empowerment.

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