How Daniel Lubetzky built KIND Into A Multi Billion-Dollar business ( Business Motivation and Positive Learning )

 How Daniel Lubetzky built KIND Into A Multi Billion-Dollar business ( Business Motivation and Positive Learning )

What does it take to transform an idea into a multi billion-dollar business? It starts with passion, perseverance, and most of all—kindness. Daniel Lubetzky has always believed that businesses are a vessel for social change and that each entrepreneur pursing their vision has a higher purpose to bring people together. 

Born in Mexico, Lubetzky was raised in a Jewish family. His father was a Holocaust survivor and taught Daniel the value of being kind to others, which served as a large part in his father’s survival. 

Image of Daniel Lubetzky founder of KIND
Image of Daniel Lubetzky founder of Brand KIND

Daniel made it his life’s mission to spread peace and kindness. He grew up believing he would devote his life to resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict and launched a food business to bring people together that subsequently led to KIND Snacks— a brand that is emblematic of doing something kind for your body and takes pride in transparency by using ingredients you can see and pronounce. Today, Daniel’s vision is thriving and has turned into a multi-billion dollar endeavor.

i started my first company for ten thousand dollars it was not easy at the beginning i never thought it would become a multibillion dollar company that interpreter else spirit is really really important to preserve for and are gonei'm daniel dubinsky and the founder and executive chairman of timei was born in mexico city in a jewish community that was pretty tightly knit but maybe a little bit

isolated id to always have very unusual choices in my for the my mom and dad used to tease me that i was up three or four year old make tacos with papaya out catch up on ice fortunately kind bars

are choosing very different types of ingredientsi've always loved food but if you had asked me if i was going to end up in the food or snacking business at any point prior to ending up there i would have told you you're crazy i want to

the arab israeli conflict i want it too became an attorney i tried so many other thoughts about what it would have done i would have never crossed my mind when i came to america i saw my role or strength to export those values that make us

tories country to building to build bridges in spite of our differencesyeahi was around eight years old when i started doing magic shows

used the new pardon about about weddings and directly parties around sixteen years of age just started the metaphorical student representative selling watches and how was twenty five when it's time to piece works on around thirty five when i started

i wanted to use business enough force for bringing people together and food became the equal system through which we fostered

adventures among these rallies and their arab neighbors so ten years into running piece works i kind of finally figured out the natural food space but i felt very frustrated with my own slacking off since i was

on the gold the time selling products all over the country and every time i needed a snack for myself i felt very frustrated that everything was very indulgent or looks like cardboard or or tasted very often wasn't wholesome and that's

how have they be appropriate a hundred percent of every single thing would make lead with nutrient dense ingredients as opposed to like a refined carbohydrates or shoes or or some sort of like to official ingredient

the names kind is significantly due to honor the memory of my father who was a holocaust survivor and who didn't forget the horrors that he went through but also make sure to remember and remind us of all the kindness

that he experience along the way that enables them to survive and how those darkest of times he was able to survive because people took risks with their lives to help them keep going and then throughout his life he treated people

time is an insult like his mission to try to put smiles on people's faces something i'm very proud of his that i started kind with ten thousand dollars in savings for my prior jobs and different law firms kind was launched and you just grew a lot in this

very very fast and i was able to go it without financing was around two thousand and eight on we have reached close to fifteen million dollars in sales and i brought my first institutional investorand that helped propel us with joy

sample more and promote more and we just turbo charge the company's total we ever raised in primary dollars coming into the company was five point two million dollars

and because we were very very diligent them learn how to lobby martin we've got to over a billion dollars in revenues without having ever to raise more money

my number one best selling bottles those are the number one bar in the category according to many measurements the economy dark chocolate but not since he sold and it's one that i'm very proud of but does it took us two years to develop it to get everything right so that

i've only five grams of sugar i was still delivering any radical taste and he's got the right interaction between the street than just a tiny bit of the sea salt it's just delicious we now have over eighty products and every one of them

then the pension and they were neat when we launched them people didn't know where to put them because they were so different from what's out in the marketplace and we didn't know where to merchandise them so we'd go to the buyer and decides to say no that doesn't belong.


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