How Jennifer Shealey, age 42 making 366k dollor on fiverr after Losing Her Jobs ( Inspirational & Positive Story of woman )

 How Jennifer Shealey, age 42 making 366k dollor on fiverr after Losing Her Jobs(Inspirational & Positive Story of woman) 

Jennifer Shealey , 42, has been a Fiverr seller since 2014 and has made $366,000 in sales so far. Jennifer lives in Melbourne, Florida and offers marketing and graphic design services on Fiverr. Before becoming a freelancer, Jennifer worked at a tile company as a project administrator.

I was just looking for stay-at-home jobs and i  stumbled across fiverr and it was just something   that hit me and i was like wow like could this be  something that i could leave that sucky job that   i had my name is jennifer sheely and i'm a fiverr  top-rated seller i'm also from melbourne florida.

i   would say over the course of my journey on fiverr  i've made well over 350 000 and you know just the  

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last you know couple of years i've been hitting  six figures so 

 i don't find myself slowing down

and then i ended up you know losing my job  at the towel 

company because they said that  

apparently i was just on my phone too much and i  was just 

kind of like bored with the job so once  

i launched the job at the tile company then  i was really like 

focused on working at home

and then i realized like i just wanted to get  kind of out of that 

project management role and  

just really focus in on fiverr so what i did was i  just used all 

the extra free time that i had which  

was probably like a little bit in the evenings  and basically my 

weekends and i sacrificed all  

that i i didn't go to parties and i just said no  to a lot of things 

because i was really wanting  

to focus on fiber and it got to a point within a  four year period 

that i was basically making more  

in fiber than i was with those three jobs together  i was like 

this is no longer a side hustle this is  

my job i started off on fiverr offering  um facebook advertising 


for five dollars so some people might find that  silly you know 

starting out like why would you  

do that well you know sometimes you have to do  what you got to do to uh put your name out there  

then you know through the years i progressively  increased it to today you know i offer a six  

ad package for 175 dollars i didn't see a  huge return in the first three years at fiverr  

all i wanted to do was pay my rent and to  get food in my mouth and to pay my bills  

and uh that's powerful you know what i mean like  and then now i don't have to think about all that

you know i'm comfortable with that maybe  one day i'll own a tesla because i'm in  

my vehicle at times driving and working and  it's just like this is the future you know  

and it's just funny because i get things  done and then i can go and enjoy a meal

i'm actually doing way more work than i did  in 2020 so um i'm quite shocked about it

fiverr unlocked a world of opportunity to me  that i'm very thankful for and very fortunate for  

i really feel like god just put this fight in  me to not give up i think those times where  

i was overlooked for promotions and you know  dumbed down i just think now when i look at it  

it was all a preparation for now because i'm  leading my own ship people out there like a  

woman like me or she's a colored woman as myself  where she's lgbt you know you kind of just go like  

do i really fit out here you know and i and  i just always had this drive and i felt like  

you know i just i'll do whatever it takes  you know what i mean i'll work harder  

and faster and longer and weekends and whatever  just to prove a point that i am worth something  

and that my work matters and that my voice  matters and that you know i have a purpose here

I hope you learn Positive things from her life action .

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