How Josh Richards age 19 Making [ $1,000 A Minute On TikTok ] and online success to invest in new ventures ( Motivational story and Positive learning through his journey)

 How Josh Richards age 19 Making $1,000 A Minute On TikTok and online success to invest in new ventures ( Motivational story and Positive learning through his journey)

Josh Richards, 19, rose to fame on the apps and TikTok and now has over 35 million followers across his social channels. Richards is using his online success to invest in new ventures like Ellen's Unhide blanket company, Dog for Dog, a dog food company with Snoop Dogg, working with app Triller as the Chief Strategy Officer, and co-hosting a podcast with Barstool Sports.

Image of Josh Richards age 19 who make 1000 dollor a minute  from tiktok
Image of Josh Richards age 19 who make
1000 dollor a minute  from tiktok

we went on the light so tour uber all making the craziest amount of money that we spend our lives we would go live on tech talk for five minutes and make three thousand dollars if you were making almost a thousand dollars a minute on live stream and it was the craziest thing i'd ever seenhi josh richards i'm nineteen years old and i am an entrepreneur and social media in prisonwhen i first started my social media i instantly set the goal to hit ten thousand followers by the end of the summer and i would study the you page and watch videos for hours just trying to figure out the difference between a viral video and day average videoso that's my first time

Doubt about doing these tutorial type videos because it would cause the person to save the video because they want to watch it later learn how to do that tutorial and then also they would comment for either clarification apart two or the next tip they want it to learn i was able to post my first tournament in which receives seventy million views all rightum what type of ships you like i like tackyi believe right now across all platforms i have just over thirty five

The million dollars maturing and growing up i haven't been there yet and i'm now no i'm trying to learn i was monetize in my account from the very beginning the reason why i was so focused on the live stream was the fact that that's where you monetize on musical your fans would come and they would actually donate to the live by gifting system i would go live from ten pm to two am every single night that was my schedule no matter what i'm lived for four hours straight and i started i was making like a hundred dollars to one

all this and that there were a lot of nights where i wasn't going to party or there was a hockey game that everyone was going to watch and i can go attended just because i knew i had something bigger in in my journey right and so that's just what i stay focusing oni would say i was sixteen seventeen i was at my bank and i was taking out cash and i had about fifteen sixteen thousand dollars canadian in my bank account like that's

what i was i remember taking out the cash and having their seat and my friend looking over at receipt or like grabbing it from me just kind of joking around with me to see how much money at and they were absolutely mind blowing to me it almost had just become another political thing like my follower gross where i was just like i wanted to go up and up and i didn't even take a second to step back and see how much money actually i made or how well i was doing I'm young right

done I've made mistakes i've caught myself spending more money than i should have and we were going to these like burberry or louis vuitton gucci and we were buying clothes and shoes and there was just one day i remember putting on

we've been toned sweater and looking at myself in the mirror and i just kinda it was like you look like such a douche josh you look like an absolute fool like this isn't even you one thing that we can tony save your money right don't spend it keep it in your bank account but that isn't actually the best thing you can do of course it's better than going out and buying louis vuitton and cars and etc but like put it into to an account give me some percent back montage going to a cool the door he have that audio on this parton chief strategy officer over at trailer acquire part of ellen's on highest company own a dog food company with snoop dog called

for dogs invested in breaker have invested in now over eighteen companies and working on a podcast with bar stools called the fs and just to continue growing on all my social media platforms as well how do they know me i'm just a cabaretthe biggest worry for social media creator is how long is my career going to last or how do i make sure i extend this for another month another month and

here another four years five years how can we create longevity and not just not just in content or not just an entertainment but in the entrepreneurial space as well i mean when we see work creating these trends like shot getting energy drinks from doing it in our you tube videos why would continuously get that free brand space or ad space to read full when price and i can go and found an energy drink company like we did with any energy just keeping ourselves in in the media in in your face is is how you to stay relevant


I hope you learn positive side from this story How to make online money and online success is also very common among youth through the helps of many online platform and social media .

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