How a professional [ Twitch streamer Alexandra Botez ] age 25 Making $100K+ A Year Playing Chess On Twitch (Positive and women empowerment in financial way)

How a professional [ Twitch streamer Alexandra Botez ]  age 25 Making $100K+ A Year Playing Chess On Twitch (Positive  and women empowerment in financial way)

Alexandra Botez, 25, is a professional Twitch streamer who makes six figures playing chess online. She and her sister Andrea Botez, 18, have over 650,000 followers and are signed with Team Envy, a global esports and entertainment company. 2020 was a big year for chess as the popular Netflix show ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ attracted millions of new users to

Image of Twitch streamer Alexandra Botez | Image is about her score card World ranking title woman fide
Image of Twitch streamer Alexandra Botez | Image is about her score card World ranking title woman fide 

being a chess player is very similar to being a struggling artist if you're a grand master that doesn't mean you're going to make a good living if you're in the top ten spend maybe but most grand masters have to teach on the side just to be able to make it and i knew that wasn't the kind of lifestyle that

i want to domy name is alexander boat i'm twenty five years old i mean professional chess stream are living in austin texas and i make six figures a year my family comes from romania which has a really rich chess culture as opposed to in the us are in north america where people typically see chess as a game for nerds my dad actually taught me how to

place and then i won my first national tournament at eight years old my official title is woman to be a master which means you have and twenty one hundred cd my national ranking in my country that they represent is almost twenty three hundred which is above national master ranking women in chess is not something very common and has taken a very long to get to the post

where we're starting to change the stereotype that women are not genetically inferior to men out playing chess we believe this submission will changing do not

expected to change to door proportional for being good and it with liberal or or something like that but definitely it's going to change it if this multiple short join age the lump journey that will take some time back in college i really loved playing chess online and it was a hobby that i also miss in person so i started playing chess on chest dot com and i really miss the social interaction so i just started streaming on twitch for fun and took off from there it was only a couple hundred viewers for the first two years or so that it's

says that was pretty significant in the chest category i was always one of the top three streamers that you know any point in my streaming career and i had a lot of early subscribers who really helped me out to even host cash tournaments and things like that so that us

i ended up making streaming a viable career option very early on just because of how dedicated and tightly knit the chess community was on the generosity of these early donorsi was working on a startup at the time when it ended up failing

chess was already doing pretty well and it sounds like enough for a full time job so i decided to take the risk and see how far it would hate me yeah mm mm to beat you what are you willing to do what are you willing to do i'm er we can do for a dairy sure sure well do you want to pick the nearby forest

let's just figured after any fair give a person three options as a full time twitch streamer my income comes from a lot of different forces part of it comes directly from the worst other parts come from sponsors also just signed with the team and eight so now we get a salary from them as well we also have ad revenue from different social platforms and in the future we're going to be releasing merchandise users

she probably make similar kind of income that the topic vegetables are streaming on twitch and she's not even brings in the top twenty thousand players in the world so again the definition of what the just the best one was this change with my twitch stream i think like sixty percent of it was just people trying to flirt with me and chat or people just

commenting on my appearance the entire time and nothing else they didn't care about the game play at alli actually stopped streaming at first because of that until i had moderators who were able to come and help clean it up ithard

to be a female gamer on twitch for a lot of reasons on one end you can sometimes gain followers faster on twitch but it doesn't translate into viewers which is what you usually monetize

that being said there's also advantages because there are so many few females who actually make it usually females on twitch actually get paid more in terms of advertising dollars per average viewership than males because a lot of brands to want to have diversity


I hope you learn her positive side. How to make money from diversify way and she is also example of  women empowerment in financial way or financial freedom

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