How to change online Name and address  in PAN card, Here know step by step whole process 

PAN Card New Updates: If you want to improve the name, address and the required information in your PAN i.e. Permanent Account Number, then you can complete this work online too. For this, the online process is very easy. Come, know step by step online process…

How to change online Name and address  in PAN ( Permanent Account Number) card, Here know step by step whole process
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 PAN ( Permanent Account Number) card,

How to pay online fee For PAN card or Applicant must pay fees for PAN card

If an applicant wants a PAN card, then for this 101 rupees including GST will have to be paid. At the same time, the applicant will have to pay 66 rupees for the e-PAN card. To get e-PAN, it is necessary to provide email and PAN card is not issued in it. PAN applicants will have to scan the photograph, signature and identity card, address certificate, date of birth certificate and upload it as per the prescribed instructions.

What is the process for change online Name and address in PAN card 

Steps 1 :  You can apply for PAN selection or correction through NSDL or UTI website  The website address is

Steps 2 :  Fill in the form here and update the field that you want to improve.

Steps 3 : Please provide ID proof, address proof and date of birth

Steps 4 : Submit the change fee that has been demanded. For this, you can use net banking, debit card or credit card

Steps 5 : To change or amend the PAN data, fill all the mandatory fields (starred) in the online form and select the appropriate field box in the left margin where corrections are to be made.

Steps 6 : If the PAN card is to be reissued after the correction, fill all the fields in the form but do not select any box on the left margin.

Steps 7 : To cancel PAN, fill all the mandatory fields in the form, write the PAN which is to be canceled in item no. 11 of the form and select the box on the left margin. The PAN to be canceled should not be the PAN at the top of the form.

Steps 8 : Upon confirmation, its receipt will appear, that notice will have a 15-digit unique receipt information number.

Steps 9 : Applicants should save this acknowledgment

You can get more information from here for PAN card 

For more information, call the call center on 020-2721 8080

Request can be sent on fax number 020-2721 8081. 


Email : 

How to do SMS to get PAN card. 

For this, type NSDL PAN <space>

 15 digit receipt information number 

and send it to 57575 to know the status of the application.