Inspirational & Motivational Success Story of the Heartbreaking Story Of Sushant Singh Rajput.

Inspirational & Motivational Success Story of the Heartbreaking Story Of Sushant Singh Rajput

The Heartbreaking Story Of Sushant Singh Rajput 
Sushant Singh Rajput was an Indian actor. He started his acting career with television serials, and soon made a successful transition from Television to films.

Sadly, he left this world too early and he will always be missed.
Sushant was a very shy kid growing up. He loved reading and was deeply interested in astrophysics. At first he wanted to become an astronaut, but his family told him to become an engineer.

He said that the biggest lie he was ever told as a kid was that 'money plus recognition equals happiness and success'.

Money + Recognition= Happiness = Success

So he soon dived into a painful journey looking for success and happiness.
And he did what he was asked to, he went to college to become an engineer. But something was missing.

In the meantime to conquer his shyness he started taking dance classes and began doing theater. And he enjoyed every second of it. 

Inspirational & Motivational Success Story of the Heartbreaking Story Of Sushant Singh Rajput Pic

Inspirational &

 Motivational Success Story of the Heartbreaking Story Of Sushant Singh Rajput Image

He used to study in the morning and go to dance classes at night.

He liked it so much that just two semesters before getting his degree, he dropped out of college and moved to Mumbai to become a movie star

And that was not easy. There were a lot of obstacles on this path to success.  He had to share a single room with six other guys. But he didn't care, Nothing was going to stop him. 

"I had to prove a point to everybody. I had to prove a point to my family. Most importantly, I had to prove a point to myself."

He started as a background dancer for all the big stars, and while he was dancing at stage,  he knew that he was only 3 steps away from being the big star. Two years later, he was selected to star in a prime time television show.

After the show became a huge success, money were not a problem anymore. He bought himself a house, and a car, and was drowning in female attention. He was having the best time of his life. But After all these years.. 

Did he finally achieve happiness and success? 
Did it finally happened?

"Well, I was having a time of my life and then something unusual happened. I got used to everything and I felt cheated. I stayed with all these dreams for 10 and 15 years of my life. I was promised happiness and I was promised success. But all of these things stayed with me just for few days.

 I figured something. Seemingly big things, were not that big once I got them.
And looking back in the past, I realized that maybe smaller things were way bigger. And there was one thing that was missing in my life that was the cause of this illusion. And that thing that was missing was NOW."

"For the first time in a long time I understood the true meaning of success, which was not money plus recognition, but it was NOW plus EXCITEMENT".

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