Inspirational & Motivation Sucess Story of Jim Carrey From Struggling Dyslexic to Comedy Movie Mogul

 Inspirational & Motivation Success Story of Jim Carrey From Struggling Dyslexic to Comedy Movie Mogul  

Jim Carrey Success Story – From Struggling Dyslexic to Comedy Movie Mogul - MOTIVATIONAL  SUCCESS  STORY 

In his early years at school, Carrey was very quiet and didn’t have many friends. He was an undiagnosed dyslexic, and often struggled in school.  Yet, he discovered that he could make friends by making people laugh. He discovered his hilarious impersonations of animals would cheer up his sick mother who was bedridden at the time.

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Carrey’s father was forced to move on site at a factory in exchange for the labor of the entire family. Exhausted, Carrey would go to school and then work 8 hour shifts at night. 

He ended up dropping out of high school…

His family decided that their surroundings were taking them the wrong direction, so they packed up and moved to Canada with no job in sight. His parents and two siblings lived in a beat-up yellow Volkswagen camper van for a full eight months, parking in campgrounds.

 "You can imagine his emotional baggage - the loss of his teen years, feeling intellectually backward, the embarrassment and hardship of poverty " - Jim Carrey 

How his life changed?

 He moved to LA shortly after, where he would park on Mulholland Drive every night and visualize his success. One of these nights he wrote himself a check for $10,000,000 forActing Services Rendered,” which he dated for Thanksgiving 1995. Just before that date, he hit his payday with Dumb and Dumber. He put the deteriorated check, which he’d kept in his wallet the whole time, in his father’s casket.

Jim Carrey used his hard times and set-backs to motivate him to try harder. He could have turned to drugs and drinking. Instead, he channeled his energies to making something special out of his life. What about us? Do we sit around fretting about what we lack or how life has dealt us a bad hand of cards? Or, do we take what we have and make something out of it? 

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