Inspirational & Motivation Success Story of Sadhguru : How He Became An Inspiring Force

 Inspirational & Motivation Sucess Story of  Sadhguru   How He Became An Inspiring Force

The Story Of Sadhguru - How Jaggi Vasudev Became An Inspiring Force 

Did you know that Sadhguru's father thought that something was wrong with his son? Also, he was very disappointed in him. He always said to Sadhguru that he was wasting his time doing nothing...

This motivational story  will inspire you to look inside.

Sadhguru ( Jaggi Vasudev ) is a great mystic and a spiritual teacher who is transforming the lives of millions of people. He was born in India.

As a child, he hated going to school so much that often he wouldn't even enter the building, but instead, he would run away and explore the nature. He became so impressed with life, that he would spend his days walking in the forest, looking at the flowers, Climbing up the trees and sitting on the branches just observing.

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He would hop on his bike and  ride for at least 35km a day. And he would come home at night covered in mud and dust.

His father, a doctor, really though that something was wrong with his son. This boy was starring at something all the time. That can't be not normal. What if he's losing his mind. So he started thinking that his son might need psychiatric evaluation. 

When he was 12 years old, Sadhguru began practicing yoga. Even though he had very strange and unique habits, the one thing that he was always disciplined about was practicing yoga.

When he graduated from high school, he began studying by himself. He loved spending time in the library reading. He was the first one to arrive and the last one to leave. 

To please his mother's wishes, he went to college. And same as always, he spend most of his time outside of the classroom.  His father would complain all the time how other people his age are becoming engineers, doctors, lawyers, and his son was wasting his time doing nothing. Everyone would say to Sadhguru. "Oh we though you would do something with your life, but you're just wasting your time."

So, he became a partner with his friend and went into the construction business. And in 5 years they became very successful.

But At the age of 25, he went up on a Hill, sat on a rock, and had a 'spiritual experience' that changed his life forever. Soon after, He left his business to his friend and After about a year of meditation and travel, he decided to teach yoga and share his inner experience. 

Sadhguru became one of the most famous spiritual gurus in the world. As a founder of Isha Foundation and one of the best selling authors,  as Yogi and a Mystic, he has spoken a lot about life, about love, success, happiness, touching the lives of millions of people

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