Inspirational, Positive ,Motivational Success Story & Biography Of the [ Morgan Freeman ] - From Homeless Poor Man to Oscar Winner

 Inspirational, Positive ,Motivational Success Story & Biography Of  the Morgan Freeman - From Homeless Poor Man to Oscar Winner

Motivational Success Story Of Morgan Freeman - From Homeless Poor Man to Oscar Winner

YOU'RE NEVER LATE! Morgan Freeman Achieved his dream at the age of 50.

Morgan Freeman was raised in a low income family. After finishing high school he joined the Air Force to become a fighter pilot.

Inspirational, Poistive ,Motivational Success Story & Biography Of  the Morgan Freeman  pic
inspiartional  poistive , Motivation sucess story of
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After four years in the military, he Finally decided that it's time to start pursuing his dream, so he moved to Los Angeles and took acting lessons. He tried so many times to become an actor but sadly it didn't work.  So he soon moved to New York City where he was still trying to make it as an actor. But he faced really hard times.    

"At one point, I was very broke living on the streets, eating stale donuts. When you are put out of someplace and you're on the street, how you gonna pay the rent? I didn't get any work so I thought I had better start thinking of better ways to make a living,

"I was going to be homeless at one time, a taxi driver, truck driver, or any kind of job that would get me a crust of bread. "

He also took a job as a clerk typist to pay his rent.  
Morgan was 45 with no big success behind him. But he never gave up  and he became successful at the age of 50 when he finally started acting in popular movies.

At the age 67 Morgan Freeman won an Oscar for his performance in "Million dollar baby". Freeman has appeared in many acclaimed movies. While he is known for being a very talented actor, he's equally well known for his incredible voice.

So The man who once struggled to survive, today has a net worth of $200 million and is considered one of the most influential actors in Hollywood.

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