The Positive Success Story & Biography of Henry Cavill - How The Bullied Fat Boy Became The Witcher

The Positive Success Story &  Biography of Henry Cavill  - How The Bullied Fat Boy Became The Witcher

Motivational Success Story Of Henry Cavill - How The Bullied Fat Boy Became The Witcher

Can you believe that Henry Cavill used to be overweight and terrible with girls?

Well,  here is his story!

When Henry Cavill was very young, he went to a boarding school and things were not easy for him. He was bullied by the other kids for being overweight. He was an easy target and was called "Fat Cavill". He didn't fit in very well, He didn't have many friends, he didn't spoke a lot and was very emotional. Henry missed his family very much. So he felt insecure, unhappy and alone. So to comfort himself he ate. They also called him 'lemon', a guy who gets nowhere with the girls

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In 2001 Henry landed a movie role and started taking care of his body more and lost a lot of weight.

But, becoming a successful Hollywood actor was a long and painful process filled with many rejections, failures and obstacles.

 Henry Cavill auditioned for the role of James Bond, but lost the role because of his weight, he was called "chubby" by the film's director.

- In 2006 he  unsuccessfully auditioned for the role of Superman... in "Superman Returns", but lost the role to another actor.

- He also tried out for a role in Harry Potter, but  was rejected.

- He tried to get the main role in the movie "Twilight", but again - rejected. They told him he looked too old to play the part.

After losing so many important roles he was named - 'the unluckiest man in Hollywood'!

But after having some notable roles, he really hit it big when he got to play  Superman in 'Man of Steel'. That movie was a massive worldwide success and became the highest grossing Superman movie of all time, making Henry Cavill globally famous. So the kid who was once picked on and called Lemon and Fat Cavill, became Superman.

And the Unluckiest man in Hollywood, is not so unlucky anymore, He won everyone's hearts playing Geralt of Rivia in the new drama series "The Witcher". 

His success didn't happen overnight! He didn't wake up one day with a toned body and successful career. He actually worked hard for it.

So whatever you want to be in this life, work hard for it. It won't be easy.. It will take a lot of pain, sweat, tears... But it will be worth it!

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