Understand the [ Law of SUCCESS ] and Change Your Life by [ Bob Proctor ] Top best 11 ways of positive learning and motivation

Understand the Law of SUCCESS and Change Your Life by rom Bob Proctor Top best 11 ways of positive learning and motivation 

 About Bob Proctor: He teaches people how to understand their hidden abilities to do more, be more and have more in every area of life. In the mid-1970s he started offering motivational speeches and seminars of his own. From the moment Bob shared his knowledge in that first seminar, he became a legend in the industry. He has used his special gift to provide motivation to thousands in seminars and live lectures. He authored classic books like You Were Born Rich and Mission in Commission and many others. In recent years, Bob’s popularity has grown even more dramatically due to his input on "The Secret". Bob teaches the Secret to his students today and is one of the world’s biggest Law of Attraction experts. Bob teaches the Secret to his students today and is one of the world’s biggest Law of Attraction experts. 

Image of Bob Proctor | Image Source : Proctor Gallagher Institute
Image of Bob Proctor |
Image Source : Proctor Gallagher Institute

 BOB PROCTOR'S Law of Success RULES 

1. Trade your life for worthy goals

2. Manage your activities

3. Study yourself

4. Develop your will

5. Serve

6. Get real success

7. Use your imagination

8. Shift your paradigm

9. Control your happiness

10. Get unstuck

More - Create healthy relationships

Bob Proctor to give you the motivation

confidence and belief that you need

okay let's kick it off with rule number

one trade your life for worthy goals you

know the law of success is a pretty

interesting concept there's been books

written on it

stories told on it lives have been spent

looking for it let's understand that

everything operates by law the whole

universe operates by law the best

definition of success I have ever heard

was one that Earl Nightingale originated

way back 1959 he said success is the

progressive realization of a worthy

ideal let's break that down for a moment

success is the progressive continually

moving progressive realization constant

awareness of a worthy ideal and ideal is

an idea that you have fallen in love

with and ideal is an idea that you're

intellectually emotionally and

physically involved with an ideal is an


that you fall in love with success is

the progressive realization of a worthy

ideal so you don't ask are you worthy of

the idea are you worthy of the good is

it worthy of you now now you're getting

in to love success is it worthy of you

to see what you're gonna do is trade

your life you're trading your life for

whatever it is you're going after so you

want to make up your mind whatever your

goal happens to be whatever you are

pursuing make certain it's worthy of you

because you're chained trading your life

for it the law of success calls for you

to continually move in toward a

predetermined objective

life and bringing your life in harmony

with the laws that govern the entire

universe rule number two manage your

activities think of this for a moment do

you know that every living soul gets

exactly the same amount of time exactly

the same amount of time figure it out

you get all there is a hobo sleeping

under a bridge or on a park bench there

is no material possessions

none does nothing of any constructive

nature that person gets exactly the same

amount of time as the most productive

industrialist in the world we all get

exactly the same amount of time so it's

what we do with the time that makes a

difference I want you to think of the

number of time management programs

almost everyone under the Sun has time

management programs in fact I made one

one time spent a lot of money on it and

then I found out it was a dumb waste of

time and money do you know why time

can't be managed I was having breakfast

with Earl Nightingale one morning and it

was downtown Chicago and I was going

with him on his speaking engagement and

it was early in the morning he said you

want to meet for breakfast whenever I'll

Nigel said you want to meet me I was

there and I always had some

well-prepared questions and I remember I

asked him I said oh how did you learn

how to master time management yeah we're

having breakfast I can still hear his

fork hit the plate he's what the hell

you're talking about he's I've never

mastered time management nobody masters

time management he said time can't be

managed he's I merely manage activity

and he took a little card out of his

pocket and he said every night before I

go to bed I write down six most

important things I have to do tomorrow

these are goal achieving activities and

when I wake up that's when I start

working on and if I don't get them all

done I'll add them to tomorrow's list

you should have about six now if I have

three that I didn't get done today that

doesn't mean I have nine for tomorrow

like six plus these three those three

become part of the six you have to do

the next day when you wake up you give

all your conscious attention to do those

things so you cannot manage time but you

can manage activity you can manage your

activities make certain that what you're

doing really makes a difference make

certain that you're spending your time

on activities that are productive that

are taking you in the direction of your

goal rule number three study yourself I

met a man here in Toronto he was one

that originally got me involved in study

in this race to an furred and he told me

if I didn't like the results I was

getting in my life that I was going to

have to change me because there were my

results and he said if you're gonna

change you you're gonna have to find out

something about yourself and that seemed

to make sense I don't think it was an

earth-shattering idea I wouldn't give

anybody a brain hernia but it made a

hell of a lot of sense to me so I

started to study myself I found most

people don't know who they are they

really don't what do you mean I mean I

know my name I know my age and it's not

you know the average person who they are

they'll give you their name they'll say

I'm Bob Proctor but I'm not Bob and

Proctor two words my parents give them

to me they're called names but it's not

me it's my name then some people say

well this is me but this isn't me either

it's my body like you never flown down

here to the to the studio and say body

won't the end today it's sick okay you

know we don't say em hander em leg it's

my hand my leg my body my name room.i

well that's an interesting question and

I believe if a person was doctors study

that and look for the answer they'll

find it see I think we live

simultaneously on three planes of


for spiritual creatures we have an

intellect and we live in physical bodies

okay because we lack awareness or

understanding of who we are were totally

locked into a physical world and we let

things outside of us control us 95% of

the population are reacting to life

they're not really living at all rule

number four develop your will when

President John Kennedy asked the father

of the space program the famous dr.

Wernher von Braun what it would take to

build a rocket that would carry a person

to the moon and bring him back safely to

earth he answered him in five words the

will to do it the will to do it pretty

light simple answer for such an enormous

question that I'm going to tell you some

of the will to do it it had a lot of

power in it what do we mean by that the

will to do it well will is one of your

higher faculties your perception reason

memory imagination intuition and the

will will is a mental faculty that gives

you the ability to hold one idea on the

screen of the mind to the exclusion of

all outside distractions you know it

would be you'd be hard-pressed to figure

out how many things are trying to grab

your attention at any given time but

there's all kinds of things going on

around that are begging your conscious

attention you can block them all out and

keep one idea on the screen of the mind

with your will will is a mental faculty

that gives you the ability to hold one

idea on the screen of the mind to the

exclusion of all outside distractions

it's the will that gives you the ability

to concentrate concentration is a

powerful mental tool how do you develop

your will I'll tell you you take your

pen or a little black marker and go

opposite to your favorite chair there's

a wall opposite your favorite chair put

a little dot on the wall do it when

nobody sees you doing it and nobody will

ever notice the dots there every time

you sit in that favorite chair focus on

that dot bring all of your conscious

attention to bear on the dot now when

you look at your mind will wonder that's


don't feel bad you're under bring it

back to the dot every time it wanders if

you if you concentrate on the on that

dot for a half a second you'll probably

set a family record our mind is so busy

you focus on the dot you'll find your

mind wander don't feel bad bring it back

to the dot you can get to the point

where you can concentrate for quite a

while and I'm telling you you

concentrate for a while you're

developing great powers or get a candle

in a candle holder and put it somewhere

around your favorite chair when you're

alone light the candle and stare at the

flame and stare at that flame until you

mentally become one with the flame now

again your mind is gonna wander don't

feel bad about it bring it back to the

flame just bring it back to the flame

when you learn to concentrate on one

thing you can concentrate on anything

because that is how you develop your

will also if you want to have more

confidence check at my 254 series it's

free the link to join is in the

description below I was reminded this

morning of a question I'm often asked

how do you eliminate fear from your life

rule number 5 serve up virginity is an

interesting word and like most words

it's misunderstood see the average

person is looking at opportunity is

something they're going to get so

they're all looking to get something

opportunity is what you're going to give

see it's the person that's thinking of

an idea how can I do more how can I

provide more service for the people we

provide service for do you know I spend

almost all of my time thinking of how I

can help you more than I'm helping you

I'm here in my studio we spent a million

dollars building a studio so that I can

communicate more effectively with our

clients opportunity is in giving it's

not receiving it's not getting it's

giving it's sharing it's putting

something out there rule number six get

real success success is a funny word

nightingale had a great definition for

it he said a person successful if they

know where they are and they know where

they're going and they're progressively

moving in that

direction he said that success was the

progressive realisation of a worthy

ideal anyone that has a goal and they're

moving towards it they're successful

most people think that you're successful

if you have a lot of money quite often

you have a lot of money if you're

successful but it isn't I wouldn't say

mother Teresa has a lot of money okay

but she's a pretty successful lady rule

number seven use your imagination

attracting what you actually want I

think James Allen put it very well in

his little book as a man thinketh he

said you don't attract what you want you

attract what you are now think about

that if you want to attract what you

want you've got to see yourself already

with it you've got to understand that

you've already got it first of all

clearly understand this nothing is

created or destroyed that means

everything's already here if not in one

state certainly in another where did the

iPhone come from the iPhone came from a

series of ideas that individuals

entertained in their mind and they kept

holding the idea until the stuff came to

them that enabled them to build the

phone the stuff had already been here

nothing is created or destroyed all

science all theology deep sigh if

nothing is created or destroyed

everything that is already here our

problem is we've got to wait until we

see it outside before we believe we've

got it start dealing with the

non-physical world with the invisible

world with the world that you can't see

through these little peepers that you've

got here we call eyes start to see

yourself mentally you've been given the

faculties to do that use your

imagination see yourself already in

possession of the good you desire that

will flip your mind on to a specific

frequency and you do think on

frequencies it's on that frequency that

good you desire is going to start coming

towards you and you will start moving

toward it if you want to attract what

you actually want

you've got to see yourself now already

with it and no it's only a period of

time until you moving toward it and then

moving toward you and you become one

with it rule number eight shift your

paradigm stop and think of any large

company I don't care

anyone right

you can go to the leaders of that

company and you can say who are your

stars I mean the ones that are really

making it happen and they've all got a

few say what are they doing that's so

different why don't you find out what

they're doing they teach it everybody

they all well everybody couldn't do it

why are they doing it you know something

the stars don't know why they're stars

and they'll say well they're smart some

of them aren't very smart smarts got

nothing to do with it they have shifted

their paradigm they've knocked the wall

down and they built an image and they

followed the rules they just didn't know

what they were doing I didn't know what

I was doing I was there know for a

million dollars here I had no idea what

the hell I was doing I'd say I was

cleaning offices that was almost

incidental what I was doing

I was reading this every day I was

listening to the recordings every day I

was reprogramming my subconscious mind

rule number nine control your happiness

everybody wants to be happy but not

everybody is happy you know I could take

you back to the man that gave me this

book Rey Stanford I was a very unhappy

individual I was a sad soul believe me

and I remember one day he said Proctor

you're gonna have to change would you

like to be happy well I used to think

that was something that happened to some

people but you weren't in control of it

I really never knew that I could control

my own happiness I did not know that and

I'm gonna tell you something there's a

whole lot of people do not know that

otherwise you wouldn't find so many

people who are pretty sad he's I'm gonna

tell you a secret Proctor and he said if

you get it you can benefit from this

till you're a very

man he said you are in control of your

own happiness and I said I'm going to

tell you why you're not happy there's a

power or a thought energy flowing into

your consciousness and you know what you

do you bottle it all up inside all of

your energies focused on you you are

only thing you think about poor me I

wish that some money I wished I wish to

wish to wish but your thought you're

always about yourself if you find

someone else to help if you can help

someone and I'm gonna tell you there's a

whole lot of people out there want help

if you will focus on helping other

people you're gonna be one happy cat no

I don't think I got it right away but he

knew probably I wasn't gonna get it

right away and so every time I some he's

really been helping my man and I don't

know I wasn't helping anybody I was

trying to figure out how to get some

money how to help me I want you to think

about this for a moment there's so many

people need help

chapter 14 and the science of getting

rich is a powerful concept leave

everyone with the impression of increase

if you do that you're helping people

happiness is always found and the person

who is focusing on helping other people

and rule number 10 the last one before a

very special bonus clip is get unstuck

what keeps people stuck month after

month year after year that ninety seven

percent of the population er stop

you've got people graduating with all

kinds of degrees and the results would

indicate that they know very much at all

most people don't understand what's

going on inside there's something that's

stopping them is called a paradigm see

when paradigms are in control nothing

changes nothing and that's why most

people they have the same results year

after year people know how to do better

than they're doing the problem is they

don't know why they're not doing what

they know how to do see it's the

paradigm that produces the result and if

we're going to change the result there's

only one way to do it just one you can

change the paradigm

a man's environment is a merciless year

of him as a human being and the penises

my amethyst and love improvement all he

has to do is improve on this environment

will improved reflect the changing man

all knowledge all power is a hundred

percent evenly president all place at

the same time your spiritual DNA is

perfect so is mine

there's perfection within you gotta

learn just draw it out no I've got a

special bond escaped from Bob on how to

create healthy relationships that I

think you're gonna enjoy but before that

is time for the three-point landing

questions time to go from just watching

the video to taking action here we go

question number one where do you need to

get unstuck number two what does real

success look like for you and number

three how can you better serve someone

today you know I think what everybody

wants is healthy relationships what do

we mean by that well healthy in a good

state in a very good state and that's

the way we want the relationship how do

you create a healthy relationship I'll

tell you how you start take your mind

off yourself put it on the other person

if you really want to have a healthy

relationship with people follow wallace

wattles advice in chapter 14 of the

science of getting rich leave every

person you meet with the impression of

increase leave every person with the

impression of increase have them better

off because they've met you if you want

to create healthy relationships put all

your focus on the person you want the

healthy relationship with give them the

best you've got fall in love with the

idea of helping the other person enjoy

an abundant life which is their

birthright that is how you're going to

create a healthy relationship and that's

the way all of your relationships should


if you want 10 more awesome rules from

Bob check out their video right there

next to me I think you'll enjoy it

continue to believe and I'll see you

there when you get a real good idea you

should act on it

if you hold yourself back because of

fear your life actually comes to a stop.


I hope you learn 11 ways for law of success in life by Bob proctor . positive learning and motivation is the key role play in our life for success .


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