List of companies having 7P's of Marketing with example

  List of companies having 7 P's of Marketing with example 

Today ,we are going to understand 

7 Ps of marketing in detail.

The important purpose of marketing for 

any company is to make customer 

aware about their product.

A marketing mix is a set of factors that

 company can use to make customer

 purchase companies product.

Marketing mix usually refers to set of four

7P's of Marketing with example
Image of 7P's of Marketing 

7 P's of marketing  


2. Price



5. People

6.Physical evidence



List of companies having 7p of Marketing 

                      Netflix, Amazon prime or Disney +

is also added to that

and called 7 ps of marketing. 

Please watch my video till end

because you will find different examples

 for each and every point we are going to study today.

 Number 1 : Product

According to Kotler product is anything 

that can be offered to a market

for attention, acquisition, 

use or consumption that satisfy consumer need or want.

It includes physical objects, services, 

personalities, places, organization and ideas

We can take the 

Example : of magic

as an intangible product for entertainment.

Number 2 : Price

Price is the only p in marketing mix that

 generates revenue.

Price is the amount of money

that your customers have to pay

in exchange for your product or service.

There are several pricing strategies

that you can follow.

Selecting a pricing strategy is based on

the product itself, competitive environment, 

customer demand and other products that you offer.

 Example : many tour operators use psychological pricing.

That is when you take a rounded price

and trade it with an odd number

 just below that price. 

This strategy can also be known as the .99 price.

Number 3 : Place

Place in marketing stands for distribution 

of goods and services.

It is the process of moving product

from producer to customer in

 the right place and at the right time.

It can be moved through direct sales or

through different distribution

 channel like distributor, wholesaler, retailer etc.

Example : order given on e-commerce sites.

Online order given by customer on

 e-commerce will delivered to customer

 directly without any intermediaries.

Number 4 : Promotion

To effectively strengthen

the customer's view of the organization,

the promotion mix must be integrated 

with the marketing mix

to deliver a consistent message and

 strategically position the company and product.

The four main promotional tools are

advertising, sales promotion, 

public relations and personal selling.

 Example : In a survey of

 representatives of the commercial banking sector

in the United States,

it was found

that in 2018 the sector spent 600 million

 $ on advertising for mobile banking

and online banking facilities.

 Number 5 : People

One of the essential elements of the 

marketing mix is people.

This includes everyone involved in

 the product or service, directly or indirectly.

Not all of these people came in contact with the customers.

But all of these people have their 

own roles to play in the production,

marketing, distribution and delivery 

of product and services to the customer.

 Example : employees of call center.

Role of employee is very important

 in managing call center properly

because call center is companies 

first and only contact with the customer.

When customers call, 

you don't want to receive them with a bad experience.

 Number 6 : Physical Evidence

According to Zeithaml and Bitner

physical evidence is the environment 

in which the service is delivered

and where the firm and customer interact

and any tangible components that 

facilitate performance or communication of the service.

The physical evidence thus

 includes all the tangible representations of the services

such as layout, decor, cleanliness, 

equipment, employee dress, etc.

Example : Seat in cinema

are very comfortable and clean

with very pleasant environment.

Number 7 : Process

Process is the actual manner in which 

the services are delivered.

Since the customers are present at 

the time of service delivery

the service process is a 

prime consideration in customer satisfaction.

 Example : the steps involved

in the process for customer

when they decides to 

take membership of video service providers

like Netflix, Amazon prime or Disney +

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