Passive Income Idea : Top 5+ Best [ Passive Income Ideas ] for your Upcoming future

  Passive Income Idea  : Top 5 Best [ Passive Income Ideas ] for your Upcoming future

the fact is that most people

make money by working a job 40 to 60

hours a week

this is called generating active income

but what about generating

passive income there are people who have

figured out a way to create money

without actively working all the time

although generating passive income on

the internet may seem like a pipe dream

to most people

but it is not it can be fairly easy

generate passive income on the internet

as long as one realizes that it does

require some effort

especially in the beginning but once you

have established your product

or business online you can make money

even while asleep

in this video we are sharing five

passive income ideas

to help you make money while you sleep

 Top 5+ Best [ Passive Income Ideas ] for your Upcoming future

Passive Income Idea
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Number 1 : Selling information products 


information products is an excellent way

to earn money from your knowledge

if you have a passion about something or

you have a favorite hobby

you can turn this information into money

via the form of information products

there are three major factors you must

need to focus on

while creating your information product

number one

learn from a pro find someone and learn

from who is already selling information

products successfully

this person should be a mentor of some

sort so that you can find out

how they are making money with their

information products go into a niche when you go

into a niche you operate against very

few competitors and allow yourself to

make your business work for you

an advantage that you can have in a

niche is that hopefully you already know

a lot

about what you're selling so you don't

have to go through a learning curve to

get started

Good sales page your sales letter 

what your prospects will

read before they buy your product

the best way to create a winning sales

letter is to emulate other successful


when you find a group of sales letters

and create a pile of them this is called

a swap file your swap file is a

collection of winning ads and sales


that you can use to write your own sales

letter you never want to copy

these ads word by word but you want to

use them as a guide when writing your

own sales letter

study the headlines and the subheads on

the page

Number 2 : Affiliate marketing

 first you

have to realize affiliate marketing

is when you promote and sell affiliate

products from your site or sites

actually selling is not quite the right

word because you don't actually sell

anything from your site

you merely refer or send customers or

interested buyers

to the affiliate site you're promoting

via your affiliate links

in affiliate marketing you need to focus

on your marketing efforts and attention

on programs and products

which give you reoccurring or residual

income make

one sale and get paid for years to come

develop your own sites and marketing


so that you stand out from the other

affiliate marketers

create your own unique selling position

even if you're not technically selling

the products

give extra bonuses if they buy from your

links or site

build your own list of customers who are

interested in the products you're


you will always have these subscribers

and you can promote other similar

products to them

concentrate on targeting long tail

keywords with your content and sites

these multi-worded keyword phrases are

easy to rank high for

and usually have better conversion rates


users and especially shoppers want

simple helpful information

to make their buying decisions easier

provide them with valuable information

they can use in their task and they will

reward you with a sale

also giving away coupons and online

discounts will increase your sales and


use the major affiliate networks like

commission junction link share

clickbank amazon share a sale 

Number 3 : Start a blog 

it is no mystery how

blogging makes money online

the basic components are simple enough

the challenge is in executing these

components with skill

sincerity and purpose blogs are very

common today

you need to follow six basic components

of a blog

one find your niche what is your passion


concern are you part of a larger

audience of people who share it

then you have a niche number two

research your niche

is your niche profitable are there

products associated with it that you

could sell to make income directly or

through commissions

if nobody needs a book a new kite

pattern better health or smoother skin

then you can still make money by

installing adsense and other advertising

to your blog

but you will never make much re-examine

your niche

try a google search for your niche and

see what the competition is offering

number three keyword research the name

of your blog should be a keyword or

phrase that folks might type into the

search bar on google

this will help people to find your

organically of course

there are other means needed to drive

traffic that is visitors to your blog

the process of in-depth keyword research

and strategies to bring traffic

will be covered in future articles

number four

create your blog once you have a great

title for your blog

it is time to build a site that is not a

fancy website at all

most serious bloggers use wordpress you

might look and see what looks easier to


wordpress is very user friendly and

practical for the purposes of a blog

number five add content the purpose of a

blog is to provide

information solutions even a place for

interaction with a community of people

you are going to build trust with your

visitors establish yourself as an


on the subject of your niche and perhaps

be entertaining in your own unique way

number six contact form offer a free

newsletter or ebook related to your

niche in exchange for

visitors contact information in this way

you can build a list of subscribers

people who are very interested in the

same things you are

Number 4 : Write and publish an e-book


love ebooks these days as they are so

much useful information that is


by selling this information you have an

incredible opportunity

to make money on the internet if you

have written many articles in the past

you may be sitting on a gold mine one

thing you could do

is compile those into an informational

ebook and make money

selling it on the internet let's cut to

the chase and stop the process of

reinventing the wheel

every time we want to make some money

with ebooks the trick is to fill

demand not created so you need to focus

your effort on discovering what people

are looking for

and giving it to them deliver high

quality ebooks

if you want your creation to sound like

hotcakes online you need to ensure that

your content rich

well-written highly informative useful

and relevant to the needs and demands of

your potential clients

remember people online usually don't

have a problem spending their precious


as long as they are assured that they

will get their money's worth


Number 5 : Create an online course

online courses are becoming a more and

more popular way for bloggers and online

business owners to make a living

the best thing about them is that they

are a form of passive income

this means that you can create the

content once and continue to sell it to

new people

again and again an online course can be

accessed by

everybody making it a great way for

people to learn your course could be on

anything that you are passionate about

or that relates to your website people

from around the world will be able to

access the same

thing which means you are able to share

information much more widely

people often view websites with online

courses available as more credible

since you can make videos of a real-life

person explaining something

viewers often prefer watching a video or

something and if you're introducing


as the person who runs the website they

will feel more of a personal connection

don't forget to always ask the users of

your online course for feedback

since this will allow you to use

comments in order to improve it

and reach out to even more people

generating passive income

is not impossible it's not just a dream

you can do it

the economy isn't what it used to be the

jobs aren't out there like they were

before all the schemes to globalize the


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