What does an [ entrepreneur specify that this organization ] will achieve?

 What does an entrepreneur specify that this organization will achieve?

you might be surprised by just how many

people launched into starting up a

business every day without having any

specific goals in mind they intend to

meet certainly they possess a very clear

vision often a very passionate one but

they are essentially goalless without

defining any specific goals for your

business consistent growth is hard to

achieve that is why today we are sharing

seven tips for writing a business goals 

for your startup to specify that 

this organization will achieve

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Steps 1:  one be specific you

have a much better chance of achieving a

goal if it is specific 

for example

getting rich is not a specific goal earn

$8,000 per month is a specific goal sue

if your goals are sizable it is good

practice to break each one down into

smaller tasks it may take a few months

to achieve your overall goal so this

will give you greater satisfaction as

you can celebrate the achievement of

each small task until the whole goal is

accomplished business goal in Xyz time

Steps 2: first 10 leads in one month for sale 

one month first 100 leads in two months

income of 10k per month in four months

list of 10,000 in six months income of

20k per month in eight months publish

six articles per month in ongoing 

Steps 3 : Complete a target market analysis

 it is

crucial to know your target market

without this information you are writing

the most generic white-bread bland

one-size-fits-all boring bedtime story

content that will put your audience to


Steps 4:  Do whatever it takes to keep

you motivated 

and in the right state of

mind while you are working your business

this goes from working in an environment

that makes you want to work and even

setting the ambience of the environment

Steps 5 : Hold yourself accountable in some


since there is no boss or manager

looking over your shoulder to make sure

you are getting your things done you

will need to hold yourself accountable

for the actions you

take or don't take each day 

Steps 6 : Optimistic keep your goals positive and


this will help to fire up

your energy and enthusiasm to work

towards and maintain the goal for

example pay the bills is not an

inspiring goal however be debt-free

within 18 months is much more positive

and achievable 

Steps 7 :  Importance of long-term and short-term goals

 for your

business long term goals can give your

business a direction of where it is

heading while short term goals let you

know how your business should operate

daily goals are not achieved without

effort they require you to do something

different to what you are currently

doing and take action no matter how

small or large the step with every step

of action you take the quicker you will

journey to where you want to be on both

a personal and business leave

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