Cyber security : Why Cybersecurity is Important by Dr . Romeo Farinacci

 Cyber security : Why Cybersecurity is Important by Dr.Romeo Farinacci

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I'm dr. Romeo fara nachi first name

Filipino last name Italian as you can

see I'm neither I have a lot of fun with

my name truly I love especially in

interviews I love when I sit down

waiting and someone comes out and they

ask for Romero fara nachi I love their

expression on their face when it's black

guy stands out it's awesome but I've met

a lot of people with names that just

don't define them and it's really cool

about that I met guys with women's names

women with guys names there are so many

names that are general new

gender-neutral you know Jackie and Bobby

and McKenzie and so and so forth I had a

resume come to me one time the name was

Jules Martinez I kid you not my

expectation was a short Spanish woman

when interviewer came to the conference

room kid you not I had to look up to the

six-foot white guy from New York strong

New York accent come to find out his

name is Julian he just goes by Jules but

it's interesting how a name can no

longer provide us an expectation of who

you are we can no longer and it is

accepted norm that we no longer judge

people by their name you can't it's not

possible let me look at that name and

that says so much that is not me and

it's crazy I love it it's a norm today

we no longer ask or question whether or

not you are who you say you are that's

kind of a danger especially with the

internet way the World Wide Web is going

where you can now be anonymous

we can hide ourselves we can use the

network and the Internet to become

anyone we want to become the danger in

that too is we put so much out there on

the networking sites that we actually

are living online and if the bad people

get ahold of this information they can

actually pervert what we are doing and

who we are and actually change our image

change what we're trying to represent

modify the truth

organizations are actually trying their

best to control this a lot of them do

that's how they market themselves they

show us exactly what they want us to see

so that we believe in them that we

believe and who they are and what

they're trying to promote we also need

to do the same thing we need to take

control of these networking sites and

understand how we can leverage them to

give the truth of who we are that's

where we are right now we need to make

sure that when we control this that we

control the network in the social sites

in such a way that we use it to define

us rather than the network defining us

for us why am I here today I'm here to

talk about control here talk about how

organizations and how we as individuals

can leverage control leverage

cybersecurity to allow us to do what we

need to do to feel safe comfortable to

allow our kids to use these devices I'm

not here to talk about or define

cybersecurity a lot of us already know

if we have an intelligent phone we're

already integrated in it I don't know if

you see what I did there I'm not here to

talk about how cybersecurity career

fields are on the rise how the skills

for cybersecurity professionals in high

demand no I'm not even here to talk

about how October has been declared

cybersecurity Awareness Month still

can't believe that cybersecurity has its

own month like man it's just weird but

I'm here to talk to you mothers who have

children using these devices co-workers

who see these pop-ups when they're

getting to a website and it's blocking

them and they feel like it's stopping

them from being productive talking to

nurses who manage patient data and not

necessarily knowing where that data is

going not really caring I'm here to talk

to the average person who deals and

conducts transactions online without a

full understanding of how to implement

and control what they're doing so that

we can take control cybersecurity

awareness is all about us taking control

and embracing a cybersecurity instead of

looking at it like it's a hindrance

I have a ten-year-old my boy right there

he did something for me that really just

woke me up several years ago I was

sitting on the couch I was playing on

the phone playing the game he came up

next to me and he was just watching he's

about 5 or 6 and he accidentally this

question did you download that game as I

answered him I kind of stuttered because

I had to step back he used the word

download at 5 or 6 years old not only is

he using the word he understands what it

means a word as far as I know did not

exist when I was growing up and now I

think about it it's taken me degrees to

understand how to use it and how to

manage it in the workplace and at home

and yet here he is at five years old who

gets it immediately our kids today are

learning about technology learning about

how to use these devices faster than we

can imagine

kind of scares me because as a parent

isn't it my job to protect them and yet

they're doing things with these devices

that we are kind of naive to let's talk

about parental controls will quick when

I was growing up it was easy lock the

door and the parents want to take it a

step further go to your room it was easy

nowadays can't do that not with the

iPhones or the devices they have

available to them their tablets today

kids want to beat in a room now y'all go

to my room play my games you know and

without knowing how to manage what

they're doing we're actually scaring

ourselves when we're sleeping at night I

do I know I do I have to understand what

he's doing where he's going when he

tells me that I saw this thing on

YouTube I'm like whoa what else did you

see on YouTube when they're on these

devices they actually have worldwide

reach which is beautiful it's great

we need the Internet we use it every day

to collaborate share to learn to teach

to shop to eat in some cases even to

define who we are but at the same

time there are malicious people out

there who have that same reach their

children in their rooms using this

tablet with somebody in their room

across the country using the same common

devices trying to influence your

children we need to understand

cybersecurity so that we can put the

right controls in place embrace

cybersecurity so we can stop these bad

guys from reaching our kids even at the

workplace a lot of us who are coworkers

and we were trying to do certain things

try to navigate the websites we get

these pop-ups and we're like ah I can't

do my job and I wanna today I want to

help change some of that that's my goal

is to change how we perceive it I want

to realize that we want this we meet

this especially at home we need to take

that at work and say the same thing

because parental controls at work is

what the CEO is doing he's putting

parental controls on his systems to make

sure that his company thrives we need to

understand when we see these things

happening that they're there for a

reason how many of you in here actually

conduct personal business at work don't

have to answer that I won't but some of

us actually there's an article actually

says that some of us prefer to do a lot

of these transactions at work than at

home because the environment at work is

more secure it just goes to show how

much we don't understand on how to

secure and manage these environments at

home and how we don't really appreciate

when they are at work we're like hey

it's good it's secure I can do what I

got to do but I can't do it at home

because I don't know what security is

but I know they do security is not just

about protecting lencha intellectual

property it's not just about keeping the

CEO out of prison it's not just about

ensuring quality elections are taking

place it's also about self-preservation

it's about securing your job they have

these boundaries in place these barriers

in place I like to call them to ensure

that you can do what you need to do that

you are as productive as you need to be

at work without worry of sending

something to the wrong place

I imagine as a nurse you're trying to

send patient data to this physician

who's going to do certain activities you

don't want to send that patient record

that patient data to the wrong place and

hopefully boundaries are put in place to

prevent that from happening those

parental controls are in place to

prevent that from happening I want to

change things up a little bit I want us

to think about something I want us to

consider what cybersecurity really can

do for us at home and how it really

secures us I want you guys to embrace

cybersecurity when I finish this talk

because it's about you and your identity

at the end of the day it's about your

image it's about the company's image and

the companies are already getting this

they know this but we don't we don't

know what it's doing to our kids to our

homes think about bullying 20 years ago

if my kid was getting bullied in school

I can change schools now we can't do

that because all the bullying is done

online they're sharing it they're

downloading at the recording it I 5

change schools guess what the

information follows so we have to

understand how this works and how we can

control what we put up there so that we

can control who we are control our kids

triple our families control us consider

this because I love how perception

really really weighs on people imagine

you're driving down the freeway and a

cop pulls up behind you

no lights he just behind you how do you

feel uncomfortable anxious worried now

imagine if you're being attacked if

someone is threatening you or your

family in your front yard and a cop

pulls up just happen to be driving

around the neighborhood how do you feel

din take ambulance for example rush-hour

traffic I'm trying to get home lights

flashing behind me now I got to pull

over now how do you feel

delayed annoyed what if it was a family

member in which the ambulance is trying

to get to you hope it gets there as fast

as it possibly can

perception is important there are things

known and there are things unknown and

in between are the doors of perception


understand and provide awareness to what

security is and we can remove or we can

control perception that we have so that

we can better prepare our kids and

prepare our companies for when we're

trying to implement certain things so

they understand why we're doing it we're

not doing it that slowed you down I like

this for Morgan Freeman this kid came up

with Napster and before that none of us

thought of content protection think

about the internet before the internet

none of us thought about protecting what

we put up there what we post on blogs

going tweet tweet what do we do how do

we do it think about that now we have

cyber security because of these

malicious actors out there trying to

pervert what we're trying to do trying

to bring us down and reduce our image to

what we are not trying to show I like to

take this one step further cyber

security is just like this internet

security we really got to embrace cops

but not cops police cops you know I like

this picture here this is awesome

I had a CEO several years ago who really

provided a very good perception on what

cyber security is and he used this image

he said imagine cyber security like

brakes on a car the brakes on the car

are not there to stop you

they're there to enable you to go faster

I'll blown away if you did not have

brakes on the car either a you wouldn't

drive or B you'd only go one mile an

hour because that's as fast as you can

take your left foot out to stop that

vehicle but now you have brakes you have

that comfort that security to know that

this will allow you to control your

vehicle brakes allow you control Wow

blow my mind it enables me to go faster

I love that

that's what cybersecurity is doing it

enables me to do my job without worry of

what could or could not go wrong

cybersecurity is on the rise there are

attackers out there trying to prevent us

from doing what we want to do yes it has

its own month - it's crazy

but we need to embrace what it's doing

and how we can take these controls into

our home educate our kids on what they

are doing and then when we're going to

work understand why these things are in

place that's important that's how we

keep our jobs cybersecurity increases

productivity I love that line and that's

one thing that I go everywhere

everywhere I go that's what I do I say

that I ensure that I'm a cybersecurity

guy i love cyber security I want

everybody here to love cybersecurity it

increases productivity it's to me it's

no different than those Jersey barriers

on our Highway it's there to make sure

that other people go on one way I'm

going another it's what it's there for

it's not there to stop me but it's there

to allow me to think about what I'm

doing if I get a pop-up if I get

something that says are you sure it

allows me to think about what I'm doing

striking the balance between employee

productivity and data security it's

pretty much with our job is that

security professionals that's our goal

our goal is not to stop you from going

to certain websites our goal is not to

stop you from interacting with

third-party vendors that are emails

can't get back and forth our job is to

do this strike that balance because

there are bad guys out there I love this

quote that's not me by the way knowledge

is going to make you stronger knowledge

is going to let you control your life

knowledge is going to give you the

wisdom to teach their children knowledge

is the thing that makes you smile in the

face of disaster I kid you not when I

think of cybersecurity I smile I do I'm

crazy a lot people think I'm crazy but

cybersecurity if you understand its

purpose understand its meaning and what

it's there for it allows us to succeed

it allows our companies to succeed it

allows our children to use these devices

and learn rather than being afraid

rather than you being afraid

I put parent controls all over the place

I kid you not my 10 year old has no idea

that I do he's able to do all the things

needs to do

and I know what's going on I know where

he's going

and he's still able to learn have fun

play games and I don't have fear I love

that if everyone in here and that's what

I want to leave you guys with if

everyone in here took cyber security for

real embraced it really understood its

meaning and then learned about it the

little things and it's very easy again

if you have a smartphone something that

you already have if everyone took it

seriously from the government down what

what our presidency looked like right

now thank you

Who is Dr . Romeo Farinacci

Senior level security professional, consultant, and international speaker on Cybersecurity with 20 years dedicated IT/CyberSecurity experience and 5 years consultation of complex enterprise infrastructures in public, private, and government sectors specializing in risk management, compliance, security architectures, and security program development. Analytical problem solver with a proven track record of developing, delivering, and managing innovative solutions that increase efficiency, cut costs, and improve business growth.

*Cyber Security Officer, Engineer, Project Manager, Speaker, Professor*

Specialties: Enhancing Security Maturity, Compliance, Risk, and Audit Management, Program Management, Management of Security Operations, Infrastructure Security Design, Information Security Governance, Risk Management/Control, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery/Incident Response, Information Assurance, Vendor Management, Enterprise Virtualization (Windows 2K3/2K8 with Exchange 2K3/2010), Identity and Access Management, Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM), IT Project Management, and Regulatory Compliance (HIPAA HITECH, Meaningful Use, PCI DSS, DIACAP, DCID 6/3, ICD 503, CNSSI, NISPOM, JAFAN, Sarbanes-Oxley, COBIT, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53)

Many people view cybersecurity as a hindrance or obstruction to their productivity, or simply a tool to monitor and track their digital movements and invade their privacy. This presentation will try to shift this paradigm by exploring the significance cybersecurity has on our lives both at work and at home.

Dr. Roméo Farinacci is the Program Director for Information Technology (IT) and Cyber Security in the Grand Canyon University College of Science Engineering and Technology (CSET). He brings over 18 years of experience including military service and employment in IT/Cyber operations and management, consulting, and education. His military service includes 11 years of Active and Reserve duty in the United States Air Force, in addition to three years serving in the Wyoming Air National Guard.

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