Internet & Online Marketing : The Secret to Online Influence by Franc Carreras

 Internet & Online Marketing : The Secret to Online Influence by Franc Carreras

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Every year I try to take on something

new this year I decided to take on

surfing here in Barcelona you see when

you take your first surfing lesson one

of the things you learn first is that

it's all about timing if you're able to

time your ride with that next wave

you're going to feel how it lifts you up

it carries you forward and it takes you

way into the next wave but if you don't

get your timing right you're likely to

end up like this you're going to end up

washed over by a wave you're gonna end

up feeling the cold of your body hitting

the water and perhaps even tasting salt

up your nose and what's even worse if

you're able to get your head above the

water you're going to end up feeling a

very very horrible miserable feeling by

watching everyone else surf away but

we're not here to talk about surfing

luckily we're here to talk about online

influence so let me talk about that you

see we've had the internet for over

three decades almost now we've had

social media for over a decade and one

of the magical things that's happened

because of that is that a number of

individuals regular people have been

able to reach hundreds or thousands of

people more people that you can reach

perhaps with a TV show a radio show or

even newspapers and magazines

isn't that amazing now I'm not talking

about people like Donald Trump Taylor

Swift or Ashton Kutcher no these people

have actually taken advantage of that

media to benefit themselves and that's

not fair no I'm talking about people

like Kayla Zoe or Grace who have been

named top influencers by Forbes magazine

the question is why why them and not you

why why if they have access to the same

social networks the same tools the same

instruments why do these three women

have over 55

million followers combined on social

media and not just that by the way

because that number keeps growing think

about this by the end of this talk these

three people will have gained more

followers than the size of this room

combined times three that's not fair

right there's definitely something going

on here what is it what do they have

that you don't have and more importantly

what would you do with millions of

followers you thought about that well I

have thought about that in fact I've

spent my whole career developing online

audiences for superstars and consumer

brands but what I really really enjoy is

doing that exact same thing for

up-and-coming artists and startups and

not long ago I made a very very special

discovery it's a discovery so profound

that it changed the way in which I look

at online influence in fact it changed

the way that I operate on social media

and as a result of that I went from

4,000 followers on Twitter to over a

hundred thousand in just two years how

well if you take a look at what great

influencers do you realize they're all

pretty much doing the same thing in fact

what's interesting is that it's exactly

the opposite of what everyone else is

doing you know they think act and

operate exactly the same way but not as

you would expect you see because people

most people they want to put themselves

up on a pedestal and expect their

followers to look up to them but what

great influencers do is they put their

audience up on a pedestal and they look

up to them you realize that here's the

inside people don't follow you because

of who you are people follow you because

of who they are in other words it's not

about you it's about them now if you

realize that you're probably thinking

hmm you know that's probably not what I

expected right you know I would expect

it to be the other way around and more

importantly if you

realize that you realize that perhaps

your biggest obstacle towards your

online influence may actually be you so

here today what I want to do is I

encourage you to do three things that

will help you overcome that challenge

I'm talking about these three things I'm

talking about Thanks

praise and generosity because remember

it's not about you it's about them

why Thanks because when you are

appreciating something when you are

thanking someone you're focusing on that

someone or that thing so you can't

simultaneously focus on you because it's

not about you it's about them praise

works much the same way when you're

recognizing something great that someone

else has done again you're building

trust and Trust is the glue that keeps

your followers together because it's not

about you it's about them and last but

not least generosity giving ideas

thought content connections when you're

doing that you're realizing it's not

about you it's about them now let me

illustrate that with a story I'm going

to tell you the tale of the two seas

this is the story about two seas that

lay very close to each other in the map

but one of them the Sea of Galilee is

actually full of life it's got fish and

vegetation it's full of greatness on

life but the other one the Dead Sea is

actually a lifeless dark body of water

what's interesting is that these two

seas are both fed by the same River it's

the Jordan River but the difference is

this in the case of the Sea of Galilee

water flows in and it flows out in the

case of the Dead Sea water only flows in

so if you are the kind of person that is

always taking in inspiration thoughts

ideas and then projecting all of that

back to everyone else well then you're

going to be full of life like the Sea of

Galilee but if you're the kind of person

that's only taking in taking in taking

in well you can guess what that is now

if you want to do this for yourselves

you want to grow your

online influence one of the best things

you can do is actually talk to people

that have done this before and that's

exactly what I did just a few weeks ago

when I sat down moo maria jose koala

maria jose koala is one of the biggest

influencers in spain for motherhood

and families and you know what I learned

from her she's here by the way it's

sitting in the audience what I learned

from her is that when you sit in front

of maria jose and you look into her eyes

as she talks about her work she never

uses the word audience or followers now

she always uses the word community

because in fact what she's doing is

building a community of people remember

it's not about you it's about them so if

we know it's about communities why don't

we look at how communities actually

develop I'm ready to tell you how that

works too for that I'm going to use

what's called the innovation adoption

cycle you may have seen it before you

can find this on the internet but what

it says is that when a community or an

innovation takes place it always starts

with the innovators the early adopters

and that is a small group of people the

small group of people that's brave

enough to embrace something new they

don't care what everyone else thinks

they just scared to discover that new

thing and then the early majority joins

another larger group of people this is

where the numbers come in by the way

this is where you see hundreds or

thousands of followers and people start

taking notice and that number of people

gets doubled by the late majority then

followed by the laggards the laggards

are the people that just don't want to

be left behind do you realize what's

happening here it's not about you it's

about them each one of these groups is

actually following the group before it

so they're not following you they're

following each other it's not about you

it's about them now don't just take my

word for it just look at what happened

here on this stage when I walked up did

you notice the Welcome I got I was

actually playing an experiment on you

because I asked some of my most loyal

followers to come here in person and

give me the warmest welcome they could

and they did and I'm sure you notice

that and if you did I'm pretty sure that

shaped your opinion and your thoughts

and your

expectations about this stock because

again it's not about you it's about them

and they're not following me they're

following you so if you could please

stand up if you're participated in this

and let's give them a big round of

applause and recognize them for a great

job that they've done thank you very

much and I want to thank you all for

doing that thank you thank you thank you


so now I haven't told you any secrets

yet right I mean I came here to tell you

a secret everything I've told you so far

you can find out on the Internet in fact

you can find in this book how to win

friends and influence people by the

great Dale Carnegie this book was

written in 1936 people so again nothing

new but I do have a secret for you

do you want to know what that secret is

you do want to know that secret right

well let me tell you that secret but

before I have to tell you one more thing

about how communities actually develop

and that's what's called the 1% rule the

1% rule states that out of a hundred

people in a community only 1% will be

those givers the ones that are providing

publishing adding content the other 99

are likely to just be sharing that

information or just taking it in sound


now the reason for that is I'm sure

you've experienced all that if you've

ever had a problem with your computer

and you go online and you search for a

solution if you find an answer now you

know that at least there have been a

hundred people that have had that same

problem found the solution and at least

one of them has shared it you see what

I'm talking about alright so let's think

that perhaps we're now in the case of

Twitter let's say we have Twitter right

and we have a hundred people signed up

on Twitter it's the very early days of

Twitter if that was the case we would

have one giver in this case the NEB also

in the audience let's use her as an

example and 99 takers and that would be

just fine right because if XenApp is the

only one publishing everyone else we get

to see everything she's publishing but

as the network gets bigger and bigger

let's say goes up three times and it

becomes 300 people

well now probably would have Sandra and

Monica also given the givers also here

in the audience by the way and then we'd

have to

and 97 other people just taking it in

now if there's only three givers it's no

problem right

all those 297 could still see everything

but Monica Sandra is never publishing

but guess what happens if Twitter gets

bigger and bigger and bigger what's

going to happen is that it's actually

going to follow the exact curve we

talked about right the adoption curve

and so instead of the early innovators

and early early adopters like it would

be with the case that we talked about we

now would have more people joining now

think about this let's say you are one

of those givers that joins later maybe

perhaps part of the early majority right

well now you and the people that join

would face a little problem if now

Twitter's gotten bigger and bigger and

there's a lot more givers now your

limited attention span will have to be

spread between a lot of givers so you

will have to choose who to follow and

that's no problem if you follow what I

said before if you practice thanks

praise and generosity you're likely to

stand out and so you'll have more

followers than everyone else and up to

here is fine but what if you are joining

now as an early majority or maybe even

the late majority in other words when

Twitter has been around for a while

what's going to happen what's going to

happen is that as you join and do

everything right just like I told you

you're now competing with the people

that have been added for much longer

than you so now you're at a small

disadvantage aren't you so you join

you're a giver with you there's going to

be another 99 takers that are joining at

the same time and now think about this

and answer this question if you are one

of those takers joining in and you're

faced with a choice of following someone

like Xena that by that time we probably

have hundreds or thousands of followers

or following you that person that just

joined and then barely has a few friends

following who do you think you're going

to end up following that's right that's

the exact same reason we pick the busy

restaurant on Main Street instead of the

empty one next door that might be just

as good it's human nature now do you see


secret do you realize the secret about

online influence is timing sound


just like surfing if you're able to time

doing everything right with the wave

that represents the platform the social

network the environment that you're in

then you're going to benefit from all

that growth that comes with the

development of the actual community now

don't take my word for it just look at

the facts let me show you and let me

prove it to you by looking at the

examples that we talked about before

this chart right here is showing you

Google searches for the word Facebook

and what that works right well that's

good for us is that it's a proxy of the

development of the popularity of

Facebook right if more people are

searching for Facebook is likely the

Facebook is growing this is not

Facebook's numbers this is Google's

numbers by the way now when do you think

Kayla whose largest part of the

community comes from Facebook when do

you think that she started on Facebook I

see it in your faces Union guessing it

right right here which is exactly the

same thing that happened with Zoe on

YouTube or grace with blogging can you

see that these people have been doing

everything right but but much longer and

they've been able to take that wave of

Facebook YouTube or blogging and write

it all the way into online influence now

you're going to be thinking haha if I

want to have massive online influence in

places like Twitter or Facebook or

YouTube or blogging it may already be

too late well you're probably right

about that but like every good surfer

knows there's always the next wave so

what do you think is that wave going to

be do you think it's Instagram maybe its

periscope maybe snapchat podcasting the

truth is I don't know but when you see

that wave you will know it and when you

do remember it's not about you it's

about them and you need to practice

Thanks thank every new

follower you get in that Network give

them praise recognize them for

everything that they do right even

recognize the people that are not your

followers and of course be generous day

in and day out provide content no matter

what it takes do it because if you do

that and you get your timing right you

will be lifted by that wave you will be

carried forward and you'll be able to

surf your way into online influence and

now that I've given you my secret for

online influence there's only two more

things I have for you here one of them

is praise you for being such a great

audience and obviously thank you for the

gift of your attention.

Who is Franc Carreras

Adjunct lecturer at ESADE, consultant,
 startup mentor, author and speaker.
Selected by Expansion newspaper as one of the main 50 experts on digital transformation in Spain.

Digital marketing advisor and speaker at conferences in Spain, México, Colombia, Argentina, Brasil, Uruguay, El Salvador and Perú.

More than 150,000 followers on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and the blog provide over 2 million impressions a year on social media.

Influence, as the power to have an effect on others is at the heart of the human condition. The internet and social media now give all of us the opportunity to expand that influence on a global scale. Why do some people achieve massive online influence and others don't? What would you do if you had that power?

Franc Carreras spent his career developing massive online audiences for artists like Whitney Houston, Maroon 5 or Leona Lewis in America, for brands like Revlon, Pepsi or Colgate in Europe and for himself on Twitter and Instagram. In this talk he will reveal the single most overlooked element of successful and scalable online influence.

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