Marketing & Sales technique : How to achieve anything in life by learning how to sell by Rana Kordahi

Marketing & Sales technique : How to achieve anything in life by learning how to sell by Rana Kordahi  

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it was hailing bombs in Beirut Lebanon

and as a family with my father my mom my

sister's my two younger sisters we

escaped by boat to Cyprus I was about

nine years old and I vaguely remember my

father arguing with the Border Patrol

man to let us through he was not

listening he was being aggressive and

the Border Patrol man was not happy with

my father so you can say that the Border

Patrol men sent sent us back into

Lebanon Beirut into the war zone now

what did my father lack in this

situation well he lacked rapport

building skills he lacked listening

skills and most important he lacked the

right mindset to stay calm under

pressure but another time my father did

a brilliant job at selling we were stuck

in traffic and I was about eight years

old and now imagine a 1980s summer day

in Beirut there's old forts everywhere

Mercedes Benzes smoke beeping sounds and

those men with mustaches

because massages went in back in the 80s

right and my father must have angered a

man into road rage this man suddenly

appeared at the window of my father's

car he aimed the rifle straight to my

father's head but this time my father

remained calm under pressure he built

rapport he negotiated and in just a few

minutes my father had sold the man out

of pulling the trigger my stories may be

a little bit extreme maybe dramatic and

to be honest I wasn't going to share

them I was kind of hesitant but then I

thought back you know most things in my

life whether there were life and death

or whether they were subtle depended on

the art of selling and negotiation

because they could not only save your

life but the life of those that you

loved and also knowing how to sell can

help you get ahead in life I personally

loved the word sales and I don't try and

sugarcoat it for anything that it's not


here when they hear this word sales they

feel a bit uncomfortable yeah okay this

word is a little bit taboo but we have

to accept and embrace and accept that we

are all salespeople whether we like it

or not whether you are selling yourself

on a first day whether you are selling

yourself at a job interview how about if

you want to start a business you need to

know how to sew right or whether you

want to be the person that you want to

be in life so we must first embrace an

acceptor or be the person in that corner

of the room watching everybody with envy

getting ahead because I'm gonna be blunt

right here right now it doesn't matter

how talented you are how smart how pH

did up you are or technically brilliant

you are if you don't know how to sell

and communicate you're not gonna get

very far in life but I want to establish

the two types of sales people out there

who has seen this film it's a great film

however this film has ruined it for a

lot of sales people out there this is

not the true portrayal of what happens

in the business to business world where

trust and relationships are the

foundations of closing high value sales

and if any sales person pulls off those

sons that they pulled off in that film

that would be out the door in less than

a week now I want to talk to you about

the two types of salespeople you've got

the pushy salesperson and you've got the

consultative salesperson now the pushy

salesperson they have acronyms like ABC

always be closing the consultative

salesperson they have the same acronyms

ABC however they actually mean something

totally different always be connecting

pushy salesperson they talk a lot they

don't listen to what you have to say and

they push their products and services on

to you within seconds of meeting you

consultative salesperson they

listen and find out how they can solve

your most important problems and change

your life

pushy salesperson they walk into

networking situation and they think I

wonder who I can take from here today

consultative salesperson they walk into

a networking situation and things

I wonder who I can help here today now

that I've established the two types of

salespeople and the difference between

them and why knowing how to sell is

important I want to share with you how

knowing how to sell has changed my life

and how it could help you be the person

that you want to be first of all it has

helped me become a more confident person

I learned pretty quickly that it didn't

matter how well I knew my pitch or how

well I knew my products and services if

I did not know how to sell with

confidence and be a confident person I

was not going to get very far now how

did I learn this well it was through

this one particular experience in Mexico

years ago I worked in selling timeshares

in Mexico and to get a job in this

resort you had to know how to speak

English and you had to know how to sell

and there were two sales reps in

particular one was called James and the

other one was called Santiago James

James he was English he had a great

accent he was tall handsome dressed in

those three four piece suits he had a

PhD he knew his pitch inside out and he

was well-spoken this guy was pretty

smart now Santiago on the other hand he

was his English was not great he had a

heavy accent he was a high school

dropout he didn't dress well he was

taught a bit stompy and he did not know

much about anything now who do you think

was a top salesperson out of these two

Santiago correct and some people were

surprised how is Santiago is selling I

mean compared to James he didn't have a

chance and I did wander and I had the

privilege of shadowing both these guys

and befriending them

now Santiago his secret was he had

unshakable soft confidence in himself

and in his abilities no matter how many

knows he heard no matter how many

failures he faced it did not falter his

self-confidence knowing how to sell has

helped me build rapport with just about

anybody people by people this was one of

the first phrases I learned in one of my

very first sales job the trainer Doug

he wrote this phrase on the board and he

said people buy into you before they're

going to buy your products and services

so if they don't like and trust you you

can be sure they're not really going to

buy unless they're dying in a hospital

bed and you're the doctor that they

don't like so at the end of the day we

have to start with building rapport and

Trust with people now most of us know

that building rapport has to do with a

genuine smile open body language taking

an interest in the other person even

mirroring and matching the firm

handshake the eye contact all that stuff

yeah but I want to take the concept of

rapport further I want to take it on to

the into the online digital world where

we spend a lot of our time now I want to

ask you how many times have you strolled

your Facebook feed your Instagram or

LinkedIn feed and you going through the

feed and you are making mental notes

about people on your feared whether

they're your friends family or strangers

oh I like him he's so inspiring

oh Jesus this woman's so negative I need

to block her block this happens all the

time so we are basically building

virtual rapport with people online and

people are building rapport in

connection with us when they don't even

know us now I had to learn this the hard


I learned this about six years ago I

became a vegan and I wanted to spread

the vegan message and the best way to do

that obviously was on Facebook so I

started spreading my vegan message in a

quite aggressive angry way and no one

was listening and then one day as I was

I thought what's going on no one cares

about animals and I was kind of feeling

sorry for myself then I remembered the

phrase that I learned so many years ago

people by people and I thought of course

I mean I've been applying this to my

sales life and through my I've been

coaching this too many salespeople once

I applied this concept of people by

people into my animal advocacy I saw a

tremendous change people started to

message me saying I want to go vegan or

tell me I've been being inspired by your

posts so no matter what you want to sell

whether it's your product services your

philosophy or ideology or political

beliefs always think do people like me

and trust me before they open to my

message knowing how to sell has helped

me persuade and influence like a magic

wand you know no I'm joking it's not a

magic wand but it's helped me persuade

an influencer now persuade and influence

can have a bad connotation because at

the end of the day to be honest with you

it is not a magic wand nobody is going

to be persuaded and influenced by

anything you have to sell if that I want

to buy because at the end of the day

people need autonomy in their decision


studies show that and people we cannot

trigger their fight-or-flight response

so the more we push the more we're going

to trigger that but we can do something

instead and also studies show that by

asking smart questions and getting

somebody to think for themselves when

we're more likely to be able to

influence their decision there are three

things I want you to remember before

going out into any sales interaction

whether you're selling your products

services or selling your ideas number

one people are more likely to buy when

they are talking then when you are

talking number two people are more

likely to buy when it's their idea than

when it's your idea and number three you

should never ever begin by pitching

selling preaching or providing solutions

before the person you're dealing with

articulates what they want to gain


now why is this well sales does take a

lot of concepts from psychology and

understands human behavior and they've

done a lot of studies on this and what

they understand is when we ask questions

people are more likely to be open so let

me give you an example say I went to see

the psychologist and I said to the

psychologist well you know my husband is

an abusive alcoholic you know I don't

know what to do the psychologist is not

going to say to me you need to leave

that jerk before he kills you but the

psychologist is instead going to ask me

questions in order for the decision to

be my own they're going to help me

create unique insights and alissa my own

thinking so that psychologists might ask

me okay so Tommy what would you like to

change most about your current situation

and then I'll start thinking what I'd

like to change most and then the

psychologist might ask okay so based on

the challenges that you're having in

your relationship how has this been

affecting your life let's explore how

it's been affecting your life and then

they'll say okay what solutions do you

think you might need to take or what

action do you think you might need to

take in order for me than to be driven

to take action rather than the

psychologists telling me what I need to

do now I want to take the same concept

and I want to apply it to a product say

for example I'm trying to sell you a

printer and your printer is not working

and I went to you and I'm trying to sell

to you the printer I'm not gonna go and

tell you how brilliant my printer is

because you're not gonna listen I'm

gonna say so tell me about your current

printer what would you like to change

most about this printer then I'll say

okay based on what you've told me about

this printer and the problems you're

having how is this printer affecting

your work productivity and so on and so


so as I said always think about getting

people to think and believe that

something is their idea rather than you

pushing something onto them that's how

we persuade an influencer knowing how to

sell has helped me learn how to

understand how to communicate to

people's values now many times when we

are communicating to people we

in the values that resonate with us and

not with them how many times have you

tried to convince your child your spouse

your colleagues based on your own

interests and what you value the most

now I'm gonna give you an example there

was a lady who was I was coaching and

she was a travel agent who name is

Maggie she told me a story about how she

was trying to sell a vacation to a guy

called Tony now what was important for

Maggie was she wanted on her vacations

she wanted to relax at the nice beach

she wanted to sunbathe nice cocktails

restaurant foods and Wi-Fi that is not

important for her Tony on the other hand

was very different in his holiday

approach Tony was an introvert so he

wanted to have a nice modern suite he

wanted to have his bodybuilding food so

he needed a kitchen to cook his

bodybuilding food he needed to have a

gym at the hotel and because he's an

entrepreneur Tony needs to have very

fast Wi-Fi so when Maggie was trying to

sell this car the vacation she was

talking based on her interest and she

lost this guy within minutes so think

about when you are trying to convince

somebody whether it's your child your

spouse your colleague or your client are

you talking in a language that resonates

with you or with them and how do we

understand their language obviously we

need to do a discovery and ask smart

questions now finally I want to leave

you with a story which helped me

tremendously be the person who I am

today and it's led me onto my personal

development journey they all started

with a sales role that I had I was

working in a sales role and I was not

selling in this role and I was quite

frustrated so I was reading every book

on sales and one day I was sitting in

the staff room and I was reading about

how to overcome objections and there was

a sales mentor he saw me and he said I

want you to throw this book away your

only objection is your mindset what I

want you to do right now I want you to

try something different and I said okay

I'm open Tommy what is it and then he

said close your eyes and I want you to

visualize and feel you are with your


right now and that you are building

amazing rapport

close your eyes and feel and believe

that you are helping them by asking

great questions and they're telling you

all of their issues visualize and feel

that you are going to change their life

with this product that you're selling

visualize and feel that they are so open

that they are signing the contract and

they're so happy and visualize and feel

the number that you're gonna sell and I

want you now to open your eyes write

down the number that you're gonna sell

now when he first told me this I'm a

very logical person I thought what is

this hocus-pocus magic is not gonna work

and then I thought you know what I've

got nothing to lose

let me try it so I did try it and within

not even a week I started selling and I

started to do this everyday religiously

and then I thought imagine what this can

do to my personal life so I started to

apply it to my health my fitness making

money my business going on dates and

then I took it further and started to

apply it to my morning meditation and I

started to manifest the life that I have

today I've been in sales for 20 years

and I've something that I've learned

through the years there are three things

that you need to have to be successful

in sales or in business number one is

you need to have courage courage is

about going out there and understanding

yes I'm gonna get rejected and it's okay

and just keep on doing it number two you

need to have patience there's something

called the compound effect you plant

seeds today they'll grow tomorrow but

many people they plant seeds they stop

being patient and then they give up and

the last thing is you have to have a

relentless work ethic there's no such

thing as overnight success I've paid

lots of the money for these overnight

success courses and they are all bs you

need to work really hard and it's gonna

take time anyway thank you for your time

and go out and sell


She wants to make the word 'sales' to sound hip, rather than taboo. She wants people to be like, 'oh wow you work in sales!' She believes that everyone is a salesperson, whether they like it or not. Because we don't only sell products and services, but ideas, thoughts, opinions and even our personalities. Rana Kordahi is determined to make everyone fall in love with selling. She wants to make the word 'sales' to sound hip, rather than taboo. She wants people to be like, 'oh wow you work in sales!' She believes that everyone is a salesperson, whether they like it or not. Because we don't only sell products and services, but ideas, thoughts, opinions and even our personalities.

Who is  Rana Kordahi ?

Rana is the founder and director of The Selling Academy and has trained and coached thousands of sales and non-salespeople in the art of sales, influence, mindset and personal development. Including hundreds of consultants at some of the big 4 consulting firms, as well as those who help people with disabilities back into work. Being an NLP practitioner and mindset coach, she combines NLP, mindset, EQ and psychology to sales techniques to take people beyond their sales potential.

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