Marketing & Sales technique : Unleashing A Women’s Ability to be a Powerhouse Seller by Dawn Barton

Marketing & Sales technique : Unleashing A Women’s Ability to be a Powerhouse Seller by Dawn Barton

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 One year ago I was standing

in the middle of a great big stage in

the Dallas Convention Center

in front of about 10,000 of my closest

friends I was celebrating the

achievement of my top producing

all-female record-breaking

team in a multibillion-dollar direct

selling company we had gone from

producing three hundred and eighty three

thousand dollars in sales to over 1

million dollars in sales ranking us

among the top teams in the nation number

10 out of 10 thousand teams the

accomplishments of these women were

extraordinary to say the least

but this quantum leap was the result of

putting into practice three components

that I believe that when you put these

three and packed these three components

together you can unleash the power house

selling abilities of any willing woman

now I have been in sales for 30 plus

years I started in sales when I was 18

years old and I have worked with big

teams and small teams but on a complete

fluke I entered into the world of direct

sales or network marketing whatever you

whatever you want to call it and I have

had the pleasure of working with

hundreds of women through those 10 years

now I'm gonna humbly admit to you guys

that I am one of those people that was a

natural-born show you know you hear

about those people they're just sort of

natural-born sellers I am one of those

people I can talk to anyone and make

friends with anybody I love to make

friends but when I entered into this new

world it was unique and different this

Direct Selling world it was like nothing

I had ever been a part of this new path

gave me the ability to be around women

from different backgrounds different

ages different stories and I began to

wonder can I unleash the power house

selling abilities in a woman if she

isn't born with it during those 10 years

I worked with hundreds of women and I

worked with them day in and day out and

you know what I found out is that a

woman doesn't have to be extroverted or

business savvy or even brave to be

successful in sales now do those things

help her selling business absolutely

but do they make or break her selling

career absolutely not through the many

years of doing things often wrong and

sometimes right I saw that there was a

pattern when I put together these

separate components and I worked them

together with my team they began to

flourish and they're selling abilities

began to explode I know what you're

thinking you're just talking about women

yeah that's all I know that's it just

women that's all I got so the first

component that I want to share with you

is motivation now I break motivation

down into two components internal

motivation and external motivation

internal motivation is the type of thing

that you can get a woman to move past

her fears and do the things that make

her uncomfortable because her motivation

is you were tapping into something so

deep inside of her believe it or not

women are rarely internally motivated by

money I know you're thinking of your 28

year old friend that married the 97 year

old billionaire

that is a different type of motivation

okay wait wait we want designer shoes

sure but I like a yacht in a far-off

Greek island sure but generally speaking

you cannot get a woman to move cannot

get her motivated when the end thing is

money over the years many many women

have joined my team and I would ask them

why did you join and I missed all of

them would say I need extra money but

when it came down to doing the

activities that matched up with that

getting that money rarely did it

motivate her so I had to back up and I

had to look at it wasn't the money

motivating her but when it was the money

for what did she need the money for

I had a woman on my team and she didn't

live local to me and over and over for

several months she was telling me how

much she wanted to earn extra money how

much they needed extra money and yet

when it came down to doing those

activities that actually brought that

money into her she just wouldn't do it

so I decided to dig in deep with her and

what I found out is the reason that she

wanted the money was to take her family

on a trip to Disney so what we did was

we broke it all down we broke down how

much it was for plane tickets the hotel

that Disney tickets the fast passes cuz

that's like a thing you really really

need and then you know like you've been

matching t-shirts I know that's also a

thing I haven't done it but it's a thing

and we put all of those things in there

and then we broke down the activities

that could match up to her getting the

results to be able to have that trip but

then I learned there was one other thing

she was so scared of making booking

calls or making those calls to be able

to sell her to her appointments so we

dug in a little more and this is what we

did we got a picture frame and we put

the picture of her three kids in it we

put it on her desk where she would be

making the calls and we put a sticky

note on it that said mom please make

booking calls love your kids and we had

her kids fill it out that type of

motivation that may be one of mine that

type of motivation tapped into something

so deep that within three months she had

the money for her trip the second part

of motivation is external motivation

women will often do more for the

collective goal than they will ever do

for their own personal goals

we're just sweet like that we just do it

was about four weeks after our

million-dollar year and one of my top

producers came up to me and she said I'm

so lost right now I am flailing I I

don't know what I'm running for I don't

know what I'm working for

and two things hit me number one I had

done a really bad job at vision casting

for my team for that year and two I

couldn't believe all that year she had

worked so hard first for our team rather

than her own personal goals as a leader

we have got to put goals we have got to

put a vision out there so big and so

exciting that our team wants to move

mountains to make it happen you cast a

vision to your team and you do it over

and over and over and over even when you

start to not believe it because many

times with the team of women it is the

sole thing that is motivating her when

you combine a strong internal motivation

with a strong external motivation hold

on to your hat because women will blow

you away

the second component of the three is

recognition this is my favorite thing I

actually have the love language under

the love languages and mine are like

words of affirmation so I'm a little bit

ashamed or should be at the levels in

which I had been willing to work to hear

my name like on a conference call in an

email or a newsletter like it just does

it for me and you know what it does it

for a lot of other women this is

probably going to shock you up but we

get very little recognition at home we

don't get a lot of mom fantastic dinner

mom thank you for getting up every

single day making my lunch and doing my

breakfast and then bringing my lunch to

me at school that I just left on the

counter mom thank you for entertaining

me when I have told you every 30 minutes

of this entire summer that I am so bored

mom I honor you I love you mom

I honor all that you do this has never

happened in the history of the world so

can you imagine if you create an

environment for her that is filled with

recognition it's not just for the

selling piece either because sometimes

we think that the only thing we're gonna

recognize is that when she actually sold

something or she made the money but the

recognition it needs to come in every

single piece that leads up to the

selling process so it would be that

she's accountable it would be that she

made booking cost it would be that she

said her name write whatever it is

recognition is so big for a woman

recognize her and she will love it we

are human

and we need to be noticed I don't think

that's just a woman thing I think that's

men and women so women recognize your

husband's for what they do that in fact

was the only thing I know about men and

women and men the same for your women it

works and short find a win and raise her


the last piece at this law of this

component I did tell you that I was the

last piece of this is community creating

a strong sense of community is critical

because we are not created to do this

thing called life alone Society has

taught women so often that we're

supposed to be competing with each other

but the reality is we're the happiest

when we're together and we're raising

each other up these photos right here

this was a group of women that did an

extraordinary thing and every single one

of these photos was taken around a

work-related event we are happy and we

are connected women when you create a

community and a woman is fearful and she

can turn to somebody else and say I feel

like I'm failing here then another woman

can lift her up and say I have been

there when you put them together they

can cheer each other on through their

wins and that is critical for women

women will support that which they

helped to create I had a mentor that

said that to me over and over and I've

never forgotten it when you look and you

see the joy of the faces can you imagine

when you have put together components of

recognition and motivation and then you

bring them together like this the

results are amazing

six months ago I left the world the

wonderful world of Direct Selling to

take a leap of faith and write books and

to speak and do an occasional TED talk

here and there but what I learned but I

know that I know that I know is that

women are magnificent brilliant

courageous complex beings and each one

of us has a giant inside of us when you

bring us back to the core reason that we

are working the real Y within us we can

push back past any amount of fear when

you give us a strong exciting vision we

can make that vision a reality

and when you see us really see us and

you tell us we're doing a really good

job we can move mountains and then when

you finish it off by bringing us

together in an uplifting positive

powerful community will you my friend

have the formula for unleashing our

greatest selling abilities thank you

Who is Dawn Barton

Best Selling Author of Laughing Through the Ugly Cry | Speaker | Joyologist | Former Million Dollar Sales Director in the Direct Sales Industry

A multibillion-dollar direct sales company put Dawn on their Times Square billboard in the summer of 2018. In Dawn's thirty years of sales and marketing, she has been a top producer at every company she's worked for. Most recently, she was the #7 Sales Director in Mary Kay when she took a leap of faith and left it all to write her first book, Laughing Through the Ugly Cry. Dawn has been a public speaker for more than ten years, giving talks about cancer, joy, female empowerment, and direct sales. When she's not encouraging other women to find joy and humor in even the most difficult of circumstances, you can find her living happily ever after in Cantonment, Florida, with her husband, daughter, parents, mother-in-law, two horses, four dogs, and three cats (and a partridge in a pear tree).

For more visit Instagram @dawnrbarton Facebook @dawnrbarton

If your sales department is struggling or you’re looking to build a bigger, stronger team, take heart in knowing this: You can unleash the powerhouse selling abilities of any willing woman.  She doesn’t have to be extroverted, business savvy or even brave; these attributes may help ease the path a little, but they don’t make or break a woman’s career path in sales. Dawn Barton, a former record-breaking producer in the direct selling industry, author, and entrepreneur identifies three components that, when used together strategically and genuinely, can help you draw the absolute best from every individual on your sales team. Top 10 sales director for one of the world’s largest direct sales brands. Author, speaker, entrepreneur and mentor. Dawn empowers women in their professional and personal lives. Self-proclaimed Joyologist, having achieved happiness and success in even her darkest days

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