Sales & Marketing technique : The next stage in sales, marketing & communication by Wes Schaeffer

The next stage in sales, marketing & communication by Wes Schaeffer

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Welcome to 1926 all over again, minus the hard-closes, caveat emptors and selling in secrecy. The power has been returned to the people and it is rewarding the honest marketer. 

So you knew this moment would

eventually come right the end of the day

and I have to apologize

being a Salesman there would have been

an open bar but because there's a

salesman here they cannot do that so it

was just wine-tasting

but but I hope to at the end of this

talk leave you with realization that

this is not the end right you came to

something for a reason you came to be

motivated inspired and that's the

purpose of this talk today so what is

next the next stage in sales marketing

and communication and being a Salesman I

have you know my favorite world leader

you know cigar smoking Scotch swilling

Churchill you know as he said the

farther back you can look the farther

forward you are likely to see so let's

take a trip back to see how sales and

marketing and communication began and

see where we are today and see where

we're heading next I already fed a

little journey so let's go back to the

beginning it took how many gallons of

water to make that Apple I don't I don't

know I was too nervous getting ready for

my talks I didn't add in path you 53 was

it 53 the serpent

sold Eve on the goodness of that Apple

right and then Eve sold Adam and then

Adam did what all men do he blamed it on

the wife right but that's I digress

that's another topic so selling and

persuasion existed from the beginning of

mankind jumping forward I don't know a

couple thousand years to Babylonian

history what was that 1772 roughly this

big stone they found the Code of

Hammurabi over half of it dealt with

contracts okay and if you look at a

section 197 paragraph 18 right there it

says be nice to your salesmen all right

so literally half of this stone

thousands of years ago dealt with

contracts and which meant people doing

business how should people treat one


in commerce to have a conducive friendly

peaceful economy and society jumping

forward again we look at Homer and

Odyssey I don't know any kid that's

really anybody really read this we just

already like the cliff notes I don't

know couple people read it alright

Odysseus sneaks in as a merchant alright

to get into the palace to distract some

of the folks there now this could be the

beginning of the animosity towards

salespeople because he was pretending to

be a merchant he was not a real merchant

okay because as Jim said in the

introduction real sales people were

lovers not fighters

all right that's why we have six and a

half kids so April April's a big month

in our family continuing on Columbus we

would not be here if this Italian was

not persistent enough and creative

enough to convince the Queen and the

king of Spain to give him some money to

prove that the world was not flat okay

selling and persuasion and convincing is

part of our DNA it's really I think what

we were meant to do going back to the

Bible if you look at you know if they

say God is love how can there be love

without someone else to love right so

you get into the whole father son Holy

Spirit thing which I could again digress

into but that's why I say from the

beginning we were meant to have

community and to get along with that

community and anyone that's been married

realizes to get along you must

communicate and that communication is

the beginning of selling and persuading

and convincing jumping ahead to America

the old general store right that's where

everyone came together to catch up catch

up on news see who was doing well who

was sick who had a baby who had a fence

torn down in the latest flood and needed

some help

catch up on the news right as folks

traversed the nation they would get

inside from the Pony Express or whomever

but again we came together as community

to see what was going on to catch up but

in 1926 selling in America changed in

1926 NBC began broadcast radio after

that not to honor that CBS ABC so we

talked about guy talked about boxes

earlier right that's when a little box

started shouting at us and we went back

to our box instead of coming into

community we went home to the box and we

were told what to believe in what to

listen to for 50 years

because by 1946 television came out so

then obviously another big box so the

big companies that had the money to buy

the big broadcasting and pay the Madison

Avenue folks for catchy phrases and

jingles told us what to eat what to

drive what to wear how to keep up with

the Joneses and I truly believe that's

where the the cheesy pushy salesmen and

that that animosity we have toward sales

came to be because it was driven

basically by profit driven by whoever

had the biggest bucks to shout that

message but then something changed fifty

years later the internet and I picked

that year because that was kind of the

tipping point at that point we started

to have 10 million computers compared to

just a few hundred thousand just three

years prior the internet comes out and

then mobile computing comes out and

broadband internet comes out and then

social media hits right so now when you

need a contractor where do you go all

right you see like Angie's List if

you're looking for a restaurant in

Phoenix Arizona do you look in the

yellow pages

or do you post it on Facebook some

friends say I'm going here give me a

recommendation if you are considering

hiring someone you go to LinkedIn you

look at their profile right so social

media and broadband communications is

bringing us back to 1926 again so even

though that there's good and bad with

technology just like there is with

anything but I would argue that we're

going back in time we're going back to

that sense of community because despite

all the negativity you hear with social

media and whatnot there's still how many

of you are staying in touch with friends

family folks you you would have lost

touch with if it were not for social

media how many you have gotten

recommendations on what car to buy what

cell phone plan to get what restaurants

eat at okay so what happens is now the

power is being returned to the people

right you remember the general store and

the saloon

there was no manipulation of the data if

Bubba showed up and told you that Joe

the blacksmith was a drunk and and the

didn't do good work you didn't go get

you your horseshoes there right Joe

could not run enough ads to convince you

otherwise we're returning to that we

look at Yelp how many of you use Yelp to

either leave a recommendation or to look

so we're coming back into pre nineteen

twenty six y'all remember the Spiegel

catalogs I just I called my cousin the

other day I heard a song that I grew up

with on on the classic rewind station I

said something's wrong with that station

that's I'm not that a hold

but I remember Spiegel catalogs right so

previously the big marketers the big

advertisers would send us the stuff and

we would choose from what they wanted us

to buy who even still owns a Spiegel

catalog right they don't exist anymore

there's a couple of books generations

that came out in 1992

I think it's Straus and Hal yeah and

then pendulum just came out last year by

and I know Roy Williams and Michael drew

pendulum was basically a I don't want to

say a synopsis but it was inspired by

generations but the theory is that we go

through 80 year generational swings that

are complete we complete the cycle so

basically what that means is looking

going back to about 1943 it's what they

called a Wii or a Civic generation and

you've always heard like the Greatest

Generation it was all about what can we

do for the greater good and then you see

that swing into 1963 in a rock and roll

you know sex love rock and roll so what

sex drugs rock and roll and then that

swings into 1983 the conspicuous

consumption the yuppies BMWs right so we

swing through these great pendulums from

from very civic-minded to very me mind

it so now let's begin to move ahead 20

years after 83 we're in 2003 so the

pendulum is swinging back towards the we

we are now half way up from in a on

following that arc so 2023 based on

these two books and I've studied this

for quite a while and you see it you saw

the talk earlier from Lexie right you

see and having 6.5 kids I see this as

well these kids are very much focused on

community that's why you see shows out

there like Extreme Makeover Home Edition

you see wounded warrior you see business

is paying it forward because they're

starting to give back so 1920 or 2023

will be the peak of that next wee

generation so we're moving rapidly

towards that so that's why I say it's

1926 again insofar as we can now talk

with one another there we are no longer

reliant upon big marketers and big

brands to tell us what to think

to buy what to do right we the

individual have the power to move

mountains like what is Ted right ideas

worth spreading that's where we're

heading towards that we that community

like it or not the old Fuller Brush

salesman press real hard third copies

yours that technique of style of selling

will not work for at least twenty more

years you need to be focused on what's

how to give back how to contribute how

to bring society and community back into

focus okay to succeed moving forward

some examples have y'all seen this dove

commercial the evolution they show the

woman just sitting down and then they

speed it up and you see how this

beautiful but unremarkable woman become

unattainable right the makeup they

photoshop they stretch her neck they

they thin it out over seventeen million

views dove is in the beauty business and

they're showing you that the beauty

we've been taught to believe as real is

not real the advicing poopourri

google this look it up on youtube this

is a real business over 19 million views

over 4 million bottles sold it's

hilarious and they're selling poo pourri

kenny brooks guard of him kenny Brooks

his young man he's a minority he has bad

teeth he is selling door-to-door

cleaning supplies so if I had to guess I

would say he's not college-educated and

he has one point nine million views and

these people bought cleaning supplies

from him and the people

the guests that were over the house they

bought it as well

okay because he is inspiring he is

engaging he is entertaining he is

motivational this is what's next in

selling this is what is today so I want

to encourage everyone you have the power

whatever motivate at you today water

conservation music healthcare whatever I

would say look at that the doctor that

we just saw Harvard educated they proved

that their procedures and checklists

reduce death right they're not reducing

paper cuts they reduce death 45% and

people are not adopting it so I would

say the greatest calling is to go back

to the beginning and be a person of

influence to persuade to convince he did

he did the Lehman's work right he got

down and dirty and figured it out but a

marketing firm is what will save more

lives than that doctor like it or not so

do you have the passion and the drive

enough to go out and make a fool of

yourself look at baseball it's easy to

glamorize but people go into the in the

Hall of Fame missing seven out of ten of

their pitches right and football it

doesn't matter if it's fourth and 22 as

long as you get 23 yards on that fourth

play 25% of the time if you just are

good enough you can advance your cause

but in selling and in marketing and

persuading we here know and we just get

rejected and we crawl into our shells

and we go away might you have the next

best thing that could save it cause a

45% reduction in deaths if you'll only

get out of your own way if you only be

passionate enough to go out that make a

fool of yourself potentially until

enough people see the wisdom of your

knowledge and are inspired by what's

inspiring you that makes sense

so what's next in selling a market I'll

go back to the Bible right there's

nothing new Under the Sun good old

Ecclesiastes there really is nothing new

it's all about our take our approach our

motivation and that one-on-one

connection that you have with the people

in your marketplace but now with the

technology that we have you can reach

people anywhere in the world sitting at

home with your daughter letting her put

bows and ribbons in your hair okay do

you care enough about your cause to let

your kid put ribbons in your hair then

make a video of that and then put it out

in the world but that's what society

wants to see they want transparency they

want honesty okay there is right or

wrong good or bad there's a blurring of

the lines between work and home life but

that's fine people want to know that you

are a human being they want to see your

dog under the blanket trying to get out

and the kids giggling they want to see

you as a human being that cares about

what it is you're promoting rather than

somebody just simply there for profit

okay because I learned when I when I

really first started treating selling as

a profession in 2006 by gentleman named

Steve Clark he said selling as a calling

serving is its purpose

questioning is the process not talking

questioning and a sale may be the

solution okay

so selling really is a calling the devil

had a calling in the beginning and he

made it his purpose to convince Eve to

eat the apple so do you believe enough

in your calling to go out and to

persuade and to make the world a better


you've had a great day it's up to you

now to go take this to the world

and make it a better place

thank you

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