Sales and Marketing Technique : If you've had sex, you know how To sell by Mace Horoff

 Sales and Marketing Technique : If you've had sex, you know how To sell by  Mace Horoff

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okay if you're a little squeamish you

might want to cover your ears this is

about sex and sales I'm going to talk

about something that your parents and

your clergymen told you never to discuss

in play company and that's just the

sales part if you don't think you're in

sales I want you to think back to the

last time you wanted sex if you can

entice that special person in your life

to be intimate with you or even someone

who's not so special I don't judge then

you can sell sales skills are some of

the best skills you can have in life but

the word sales has a negative

connotation doesn't it we think about

the con man in the polyester suit and

whatever he's saying we know he's lying

because he wants to sell us something

there are salespeople who will lie to

make a sale there are also people who

lie about sex like most people including

some of you I used to but I don't

anymore now I tell the truth when

someone asks me for example are you good

in bed I say no but I'm fun

the truth is every one of you here is a

salesperson you all have sales ability

within you it's just a matter of

motivation we know that when it comes to

sex and romance that things are better

if we slow it down right salespeople new

need to do the same thing they need to

slow it down but unfortunately a lot of

salespeople suffer from a condition it's

kind of embarrassing

it's called PPD premature presentation

disorder you won't laugh if it happens

to you what happens is they skip the

foreplay they don't turn the customer on

to buy they just jump to the main act

which is trying to close the sale what

happens is the salesperson is done

before the customers even warmed up

sound familiar

sales people remind me of poodles

yeah when I was in college a friend of

mine had a little white poodle named

Pepe and every time I would walk into

her house before the door was even

closed Pepe would grab my leg and go to

town you know what I'm talking about

Pepe would be romancing my leg get off

of me no licks on the face no puppy

breath in the year Pepe just went for

what he wanted

I see salespeople do this all the time

they just go for what they want in other

words the sale without generating any

customer interest but what's pretty cool

is these same people when they're trying

to seduce someone they slow down and

become very focused they don't mount the

customers leg

it's like the sales gene gets activated

let me give you an example I consult

with corporate sales teams mainly in the

medical device industry and I was asked

to spend a day riding along with a sales

rep named Brad Brad wasn't doing too

well in fact he was a risk of losing his

job so we made eleven attempts to call

on doctors he only got in to see four of

them and each call sounded the same he

said hi doctor I want to show you my

stuff mine's the best mine last the

longest buy mine and every doctor said

the same thing they said Brad thanks for

coming by I'm not interested and he

didn't handle that objection very well

either he'd say you're not interested

but but mine lasts longer and then he

would just toss him a brochure and say

well give me a coffee change of mine so

after a day of bad sales calls like that

there was only one course of action we

went to a bar that's what you would do

right so we're sitting at the bar it's

happy hour we're debriefing the day's

sales calls and all of a sudden Brad is

distracted by this very attractive woman

who's walking towards the empty bar

still next to him and he says mace

excuse me a minute and he rotates his

barstool around to talk to I go Brad

what are you doing man we're trying to

save your job and he looks at the woman

and he says hi I'm wondering if you'd

like to meet a nice guy who happens to

be a relationship material who doesn't

lie steal or cheat and she says I would

but he doesn't exist besides I have a

boyfriend and I expected Brad just to do

what he did before and I just toss her a

brochure and say well call me if you

change your mind or my last longer

but he didn't instead he said thank you

for being honest

I respect committed relationships my

name is Brad what's yours she says my

name is Kelly

he says Kelly you mentioned that you

have a boyfriend what's his name

my boyfriend I'm Stephen let me ask you

Kelly when you and Stephen first met

what was it about the two of you that

clicked and she said you know I'm just

here to have a drink with a friend I

don't really know you that's kind of a

personal question Brett says well you

know Kelly you're right I shouldn't have

asked you that but you see I really like

to meet a woman of your caliber and I'm

just wondering you know what you know

what attracts you in a man you know what

do you look for and she says well I tend

to like men that I think I can change

you'll notice none of the men are


she said Brad I'm only kidding I like

nice guys you seem like a nice guy so

well thank you thank you Kelly let's

talk about you I'm you know where are

you from what do you do and he spent the

next 20 minutes just completely focused

on her finding out where she went to

school you know what she likes to do for

exercise and then he said to her he said

you know Kelly you are an amazing woman

and Stephen is a very lucky man your

relationship is pretty perfect isn't it

she says well you know thanks for the

compliment Brad but you know no

relationship is perfect I mean we have

our moments Stephen has his moments he

says really

Kelly through anything you could change

about Stephen anything what would it be

now I'm watching this from the side I'm

thinking this guy an hour ago

couldn't sell water in the desert and

now there's this woman has inspired the

salesmanship within him that he doesn't

even know he has so Kelly answers the

question she says okay what would I

change about Stephen

I wish Stephen would take an interest in

me he just talks about himself Brad how

long have I known you

I've known you for 20 minutes you've

asked more about me in 20 minutes than

Stephen has in the last year brad says

wow that's amazing

and then he stares right into Kelly's

eyes he says Kelly

they ever wonder if there's someone out

there in the world who's who's just for


I mean someone that's that's just I know

Stephens a great guy in everything but

do you ever wonder if you're your

perfect match was out there and she just

says well I I guess I don't know maybe

yeah we should we shouldn't talk about

that he changes the subject says Kelly

I'll tell you what why don't we get

together with coughing she says Oh Brett

I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that

I'm you know I'm in a relationship and

says Kelly it's just coffee just two

friends having coffee that's all I'm

interested in really salespeople do lie

why don't you meet me at Starbucks

tomorrow morning at 7:30 I'll by says

okay I'll see you there

and she goes off to meet her friend so

Brad turns around I said well nice going

hotshot what are you going to do now he

says what do you mean I said she's in a

relationship well what I'm going to do

is I'm going to go and have coffee with

her and I'm going to find out all that I

can about her specifically whether or

not Stephen is the right guy for her

because if he is I'll respect it and

leave it alone but if he's not I'm going

to win her over

one cup of coffee at a time you see when

it when it came to Kelly when it came to


he was very strategic I said Brad your

last sales call was close to perfect he

says you mean the one with dr. Adams I

said no that one sucked I'm talking

about the one with Kelly just now if you

can do with your customers what you just

did with her you're not only going to

hit quota you're going to blow it out of

the water

he says someday so let me get this right

so what you're telling me is that I

should sell to my customers the same way

I try to meet a woman in a bar and I

said well yeah yeah

because it works you see again he didn't

try to hump Kelly's leg he instead he

became very strategic he focused on her

and he asked questions to uncover

information that he could use to

position himself as an alternative a

better alternative to what she currently

has what would have happened if if he

would have approached her like a typical

salesperson in other words you know hi I

want to see what I got

buy one get one she would have reacted

like a typical buyer she would have said

no thanks I'm just looking I already

have one at home that won't look good on


you won't look good on me I'm sorry I

have no place to put it and no you're

not putting it there you see if you want

to be a great salesperson then think

like a great lover or at least one who's

fun be passionate inspire desire and

then amplify those feelings you create

in your customers by teasing them into

moments of anticipation where they could

almost taste the pleasure that awaits

them show them how to get what they want

because when you do they'll be almost

begging for it and watch for the buying

signals because when you see those

buying signals the rest is easy

all that's left to do is to close the

deal satisfy the customer and then catch

your breath you both got what you wanted

that my friends is a good sales call

every one of you is a salesperson you

all have sales ability within you it's

just a matter of motivation


Who is Mace Horoff

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People don't like to sell because they think they can't. Yet, whenever they want sex with another consenting adult, they implement sales skills they don't even realize they have. Sales expert Mace Horoff says, "The question isn't whether you can sell or not—the question is, "What motivates you to sell?" 

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