Effective [ communication skills ] : How to Build Good Communication Skills

 Effective communication skills : How to Build Good Communication Skills

Cover Image of Effective communication skills : How to Build Good Communication Skills
Cover Image of Effective communication skills : How to Build Good Communication Skills

How to build effective communication

communication is a powerful tool it can

either destroy or

enhance our relationships we communicate


almost everywhere and all the time we

talk to our friends

children siblings work colleagues


our spouses and other many people we

come across while working

the way we talk with these people and

the kind of respond we get from them

is what matters a lot what you

communicate is not as important as

how you communicate there is a

difference between being a communicator

and being a spokesperson

and the key difference is related to the

ownership of the message

when you communicate you know what you

are communicating

you take up the responsibility and you

also provide clarification

if required subject matter expertise

is important verifying your facts and

figures is important

taking up the ownership is critical when

you are a spokesperson

you pass on the message prepared by

others and are not in a position to


any clarification and enhancement to

become a better

more effective communicator you can

follow few of the skills

and techniques you will need to develop

take notes

be prepared plan in advance give orders


instructions in detail to make sure you

are being understood

ask questions of the listeners slow down

your delivery

take time to do it right use visual aids

if appropriate make better use of your


use hesitation modulation and emphasis

give a quick review of information

covered summarize and recap

be specific ask questions it is very

important to practice paying attention

to your body language and voice tone

let's talk about voice tone for a moment

have you ever had someone ask you for

something in a whiny sounding voice

or how about in a very demanding tone of

voice think back to when someone has

approached you with either of these

voice tones

did you really want to give them what

they were asking for probably not

you were probably pretty turned off by

their approach

having a friendly confident tone can be

very effective

body language is huge so many people are

giving the wrong signals and they don't

even realize it

your words and voice tone may be saying

one thing but your body is saying

something very different

the non-verbal speaks louder than the

verbal always

the person that you are communicating

with will most often not even realize

that they are being affected by your

body language

however they are it happens on a

subconscious level

being an effective communicator is a

journey and most of us

always have room for improvement asking

for feedback from others is one of the

best and most

cost effective ways to grow

professionally the beauty about feedback

is that it can be done.

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