Marketing : How [ Online marketing ] is differ from [Traditional marketing ] with process, key elements example and conclusion

Marketing : How [ Online marketing ] is differ from [Traditional marketing ] with process, key elements example and conclusion  

Cover Image of Marketing : How [ Online marketing ] is differ from [Traditional marketing ] with process, key elements example and conclusion
Cover Image of Marketing : How [ Online marketing ] is differ from [Traditional marketing ] with process, key elements example and conclusion 

Today in online marketing will basically

look into the introduction of online

marketing what is online marketing ? how

differs from traditional marketing . what

are the process and what is actually the

key elements of online marketing let's

get started with it what is online

marketing in the

 first place 

Online marketing or internet marketing refers

to all advertising marketing of services

solutions our products online if you are

actually marketing certain services

solutions are products of your business

through the means of the websites the

blogs the landing pages or the social


 Everything is done online why are

the internet and this is precisely what

online marketing is all about whether

you call it on an marketing or you call

it internet marketing both refers to the

same it is marketing advertising of

products services and solutions online.

why are the blocks the websites the

social media or the landing pages or the

email id email marketing all this comes

under online marketing now what is


Difference between the traditional marketing and online marketing 

Let's do the comparison and

see traditional marketing in traditional

marketing we've got the print media we

have got the electronic media both are

considered traditional marketing which

have been coming since ages in print


 We have got the newspaper you have

got the magazines you have got the

brochures you have got the banners.

you've got the holdings you have got the

Flyers all these come under print media

marketing print media marketing is

extensively used but they have got their

own limitation the geographic

limitations .

You got the view will be

worth limitations so on and so forth the

second is called the electronic media

marketing in electronic media marketing.

We have got the radio and the television

both come under electronic media

marketing traditional marketing .

you've got the print media market

the electronic media marketing then

comes actually the online marketing in

online marketing you've got the websites

blogs emails and social media they have

got a far wider range they're far more

cost effective in terms of print media.

And electronic media and they they can

reach the global audience the immense.

Benefits in online marketing in comparison to the traditional marketing

 Print media and the electronic media

now what are actually basically the

components of online marketing yogurt

the websites you've got the blogs

you've got the forums you've got the

landing pages you've got email marketing

and you've got social media all these

platforms all these components can be

leveraged in disseminating high-quality

information related to your business

related to your brand the services the

solutions are the products that you are

selling and reach or to far wider

audience across .

The globe if you have

say for example one single website and

that website with a domain name with a

few pages of information on the website

we related to your services solutions or

products you can put images you can put

videos you can put the complete content

into formation and if the website is

available on a particular domain anybody

anywhere in the world can actually type

the URL type the website name and you

can they can browse the complete.

Information unlike the traditional

marketing of newspapers and the radio or

television in newspapers they have got

on their own geographic limits and

highly expensive whereas in television

hugely costly affair.

Whereas in websites one single website

of a few hundred dollars it is available

for the for the entire world so that

they can view the information and you

also have got the blocks blocks can be

created in a matter of meals you don't

need a domain .

you don't need a design

and you don't need any other thing that

are costly you can just create a blog

using platform CMS platforms like

WordPress or

blogger or a tumblr using these

platforms you can create a block in a

matter of minutes and you can post your

content post your information anything

related to your services of solutions.

and brand yourself it can be done in a

matter of minutes and anybody anywhere

in the world can see the block that you

are posting the content that you're

posting you can reach far wider audience

then you've got search engine.

Optimization of course yes the

visibility across search engines and

particularly in Google if you do the

search engine optimization which is

absolutely free and these results are

shown organically in the search results.

In Google and you website will appear or

the blog will appear or even the landing

page will appear in the top pages of

Google driving traffic to your website.

which comes free for you and you can

actually generate revenue and sell your

services and solutions and products the

videos actually you can create videos

and post it on YouTube it is absolutely

free then you've got mobile applications

can be created in reaching far wider

audience because mobile phones are

accessed by millions and billions of

people across the world and you can you

can upload your application in the

stores so that the they can actually be

downloaded by multiple users then you

have got content marketing content

marketing is huge huge huge content

marketing is everything.

 if you're

talking about online business if you are

talking about internet business if you

are talking any product services

solution that you want to sell content

marketing is actually what drives you to

multiple users multiple companies and

multiple companies across the world and

content market is absolutely huge and it

has immense potential emails reach in

creating a brand identity for you and

your company then you've got four MC.

you've got social media you over other

network platforms that are available for

you social media is absolutely free for

you what you can do is actually you can

post your information on Facebook on

Twitter on LinkedIn on StumbleUpon on

Tumblr Pinterest there's so much of


Platforms available for you that

actually can be leveraged to disseminate

high-quality information related to the

services salacious Emperor's and they

come absolutely free you don't need to

spend a penny and but still reach out to

hundreds of thousands of visitors across

the world and these are basically the

different components that come along

with online marketing .

And they can be

leveraged to sell your products you can

even sell yourselves your skills your

experience and the exposure and

disseminate high quality information get

clients make conversions and generate

revenue and business for you and your

companies and these are the multiple

components that are available in online

marketing now what actually are the

immense benefits that you can derive out

of online marketing the benefits it is

absolutely cost effective it doesn't

cost you a penny if you have a product

or a service that you want to sell off

your business you can create a Facebook

page in a matter of minutes and it comes

absolutely free for you it does it cost

you a penny.

you can upload about the complete

information about your company the

images the video the content the

services the solution sufferers of your

company connect with hundreds of

thousands of visitors from all across

the world through demographics through

the geographies .

Facebook also provides

you a lot of insightful analytical

information and this comes absolutely

free it doesn't cost you a penny you can

create blogs and you can actually

promote your business and these are very

very cost efficient and highly efficient

in terms of reach in terms of visibility

then you have got easy maintenance .

if you have a website it dumb what you need

is a domain you need hosting and it

comes a dead ship and you can reach far

wider audience and they don't need much

of an effort in terms of maintaining

your websites or blogs or social media

they are measurable the most important

component of online marketing or

internet marketing is they are

measurable each and every as

set of the traffic the users who are

coming to your websites you are coming

to a social media platform the blocks

the landing pages the traffic the users.

who are coming to your website the

visitors who are coming to your website

can be measured can be tracked how many

people are coming from where they are

coming what is their demography how much

time they spend what is the engagement

level everything can be tracked so that

you can take informed decisions.

 Based on

the analytical information provided for

you and you can go on for continuous

improvement of your website's learning

pages are blogs so that you can drive

more and more traffic leading into more

and more conversions for you so

measurable analytical information is a

core component of your online marketing

and this provides immense benefits for


they are absolutely flexible you can

actually modify change edit enhance and

update your website's landing pages are

blocks at any given point of time if

they'll actually connect directly with

your users so these are the immense.

benefits that online marketing provides

for you in reaching far wider audience

generating leads making conversions

getting new customers and engaging with

them and selling your businesses .


what we have seen in this

post is what is online marketing

traditional marketing versus the online

marketing online marketing components

and the immense benefits that you can

derive out of online marketing thank you

so much for reading Hope to see you


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