Stop [ procrastination ] : How to stop procrastination & Save your time with get things done fast

  Stop [procrastination] : How to stop procrastination & Save your time with get things done fast 

Cover Image Stop [ procrastination ] : How to stop procrastination & Save your time with get things done fast
Cover Image Stop [ procrastination ] : How to stop procrastination & Save your time with get things done fast 

Most of the people are faced with a

question of how to stop procrastination

and start accomplishing tasks

the decision of stopping procrastination

rests with the individuals

once the decision is taken the drafting

of plan for attaining success is very


today we are sharing seven ways to stop

procrastination and get things done

Number 1 

 find the reasons for procrastination

there are different reasons for the

procrastination habits of people

these reasons range from the fear of

success or failure or just plain


by identifying the reasons of

procrastinations proper plan can be

developed for its eradication

this plan needs to center around how to

stop procrastination

the plan will help the individuals in

getting motivated thus giving them a

better life

Number 2

 Learn about building self-confidence


is the major factor for motivation fear

of rejections fear of failures and the

feeling of being undeserving or unworthy

are the common reasons for


taking positive steps and building the

self-confidence enhances the chances of

getting motivated

the act of procrastination in itself is

a reason for lack of self-confidence

among the individuals

this gives rise to the feelings of

stress anxiety and guilt

which leads to unfulfilled dreams and


this increases the need of discovering

the methods on how to stop


Number 3

 what can i do to stop procrastinating ?

the easiest way to not procrastinate is

to learn about your procrastination

style and what is you need

you can sit alone in a quiet space and

ask yourself

why you procrastinate then listen for an


ask yourself what is the advantage and

again wait and listen for an answer

ask what you need to stop

procrastinating and listen

your body knows the answers and those

answers may surprise

you once you know the problems it will

be easier to stop your procrastination

and start doing .

Number 4

Become more active in

your life the other thing is to ask yourself is am

i being active or am i being productive being

active means you are doing busy work it may be work

it may be something that needs doing

but it is not something that will help

you reach your goals

being productive means you are taking

active steps towards your end goals

then you can focus on being productive.

Number 5

Go outside and do any activity you like

one of the biggest reasons to stop being

a procrastinator is it makes everything

easier on you unbelievably you will go

easier on yourself and you will stop

beating yourself up

going ahead and doing what needs to be

done will accomplish that easy calm

feeling and allow you to move on but if

you keep putting something off then that

small job will become much larger


sometimes you can spend so much planning

on how to do the task that you never

actually get to the task

so the key is to plan only little or

just enough to get you started and then

start the task

when you have multiple things at hand to

do during the day one of the ways to

beat procrastination is to complete the

largest task first

this will eliminate one of your biggest

reasons why you procrastinate during the


and then everything else will be

downhill for the remainder of your


Number 6

 Make a decision and start working on


making a decision any kind of decision

is the first

and biggest steps to getting anything

done once you make a firm decision

it will be easier to put motion into

your decisions and then all you have to

do is continue to make decisions

throughout the day

and the rest of your life

procrastination doesn't have to do

control you because the secrets to stop


now lie within yourself and all you have

to do is act on your own decisions and


Number 7

Develop a habit smartly when we


what we're usually doing is resisting

doing something different than we

normally do

we have our routines that we're in we're

all creatures of habit

we like to do the same things at around

the same times every day

and when we're procrastinating what

we're doing is going oh

i don't really want to do that thing

right now sometimes we don't know why

we're coming up with a bunch of excuses

and it's usually just because it's not


it's not routine it's not something that

we do automatically every day

as an example i struggled for years with

trying to get my sleep

and my exercise and my diet all in shape


that all changed when i built a simple

routine where i go to sleep at the same


i wake up around the same time and then

i do my exercise first thing

and then i eat healthy meal first thing

and then i just made routine out of that

so i go to sleep i get enough sleep i

wake up

first thing that i do is that i make

sure that i get my exercise

and then i have healthy meal now i'm

pulled into these routines every day

and i don't have to worry about

procrastinating because it's ritual

it's something that i do the same every

day take action right now

next we have the fear reason this one is

a lot harder to

overcome than the time management reason

one way to deal with this is to imagine

the worst possible outcome that could

happen if you take action

most of the time you will see that the

worst possible action you can achieve

from taking action is still far better

than if you do nothing at all

this is a matter of putting everything

into perspective and can be very helpful

in getting you over your fear and help

you to get things done

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