How to Define Coin Burn ? What is Coin Burn ? Coin Burn Define

Coin Burn Define

 Coin Burn is a sort of deflationary mechanism built inside the cryptocurrency. The reason why cryptos are so valuable is that there is a limited supply, which keeps on reducing over a period of time. Let’s say for Bitcoin, it is the halving process that happens once every 4 years. But for altcoins that don’t use the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism, Coin Burn is one of the mechanisms that ensure the supply is reduced as the demand goes up.

So, if people trade more on WazirX today compared to last year, that means the demand has shot up, and the demand of WRX per se has gone up. When this scenario happens, we burn a section of WRX tokens, which essentially means these tokens are out of circulating supply, and that leads to scarcity.

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